Money Rebel will utilize Bitcoin,Ripple and Ethereum blockchain technology to build a platform of smart mobile banking solutions available to everyone for free.


Today MR is an investment product that will evolve into an investment fund. An investment fund, supported by automated arbitrage trading platform with unique trading strategy, which generates consistent 1 to 1.5% net monthly profit.
MR Porftolio

We all know how difficult it to track all our investments is. One has to have one brokerage account for stocks, ETFs, other account for mutual funds, separate insurance and pension products, and also for alternatives and crypto assets. MR Portfolio will bring all this investments in one pie chart, enabling seamless connections to your traditional brokerage, mutual fund, insurance, alternative and crypto accounts.
MR Adviser

We will offer a list of preselected real advisers that you can contact directly from the app. With MR Adviser you can pose question and get tailor made answer from real adviser in less than 48 hours.

We will build a true smart mobile bank for everyone. Because of block chain technology and our innovative business model we will be able to offer mobile banking to everyone for free. And we will include smart features which will be available as opt in.
MR BANK Robo adviser

Robo adviser will take care of your investment portfolio, tax loss harvesting and periodical rebalancing. Since technology is best exploited with a human touch, robo adviser will work hand in hand with your real adviser, which will tackle more sophisticated tasks and offer advice on request.
MR BANK Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant will be the last step in our vision of smart mobile bank for the digital age. It will be like your personal secretary who never sleeps, gets sick or leaves you. It will be AI based to be able to help you keep track of all of your personal financial affairs, save more, eliminate bad financial habits and complete your financial goals quicker.

Stay tuned!