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Our mission

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MoneyRebel is an all-in-one financial platform having a marketplace of advisors that connects two worlds - regular and crypto. Advisor ratings will be stored on the blockchain, eliminating the problem of trust between counterparties. We provide a safe, and simple way of getting the expertise and resources newcomers need, in order to take advantage of everything the financial industry has to offer.

The platform is designed like a set of independent, well-connected products. As a FinTech start-up with a team of wealth management, financial coaching and banking professionals, we are partnered with a group of highly skilled tech individuals and specialists to make managing money completely trivial.



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  • Communty Update #5
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  • Community Update #4
  • Our ICO Has Finished - Thank You!

We follow our clear objective


Q1 2018
  • Business model comprised of five milestones: 1 - MR Platform, 2 - MR Smart Platform, 3 - MR Banking, 4 - MR Smart Banking, 5 – MR PRO
  • New, top-level partners and supporters join MoneyRebel: Josef Stefan Institute, Quintelligence, BitIns, ABC Accelerator, Quantum Project.
  • Pre-ICO crowdsale for milestone 1 - MR platform – €2,327 mill. raised
Q2 2018
  • Formation of strategic board of top-experienced business strategists
  • Release of MoneyRebel platform beta version for milestone 1/li>
  • Crowdsale (ICO)
Q3 2018
  • MR platform testing - second round: invitation to supporters for testing.
  • The third distribution of MRP tokens on ether wallets.
  • Collecting applications for testing the MR platform for the general public.
  • The launch of MR platform testing - the team and invited friends and experts.
Q4 2018
  • MR platform testing - third round: an invitation to selected candidates for testing.
  • The beginning of public use of the MoneyRebel platform - the fourth round.
  • MR Crypto product launch - shopping and storing ETH and other ERC20 compatible tokens and MR Crypto PRO - a selected portfolio of crypto tokens.
  • A great event when launching the MoneyRebel platform.
  • Development of further advisory tool functionalities

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Team and invited friends and experts PRE-ICO and ICO project supporters Those signed up for testing the platform The platform will be officially available to all users

MR wallet and accounts

Since we want that access to cryptocurrencies for all users to be as easy as possible, we will make it easier for those platform users encountering crypto for the first time. How? In the platform, we will integrate a fully functioning ethereum wallet, where you can also store your MRP tokens. Linking to the API software will also allow you to connect your existing and specified cryptocurrency accounts with the MR platform, thus sending out orders for the transfer, purchase, or sale of cryptocurrencies directly from the platform, also to some external users. We are pleased to announce, that we have managed to connect to the Bitstamp and Kraken exchanges. To be able to establish a so-called “Corporate account” is in fact quite complicated at such exchange offices. And we did it!

MR Portfolio 

We are aware that it is difficult to maintain an overall view of all investments. We actually need a savings bank account, a brokerage account for shares, a different account for mutual funds, separate insurance, and a pension account, etc. If we add private capital, gold, and crypto funds, then confusion is complete. The MR portfolio shows all investments in a single chart that smoothly connects all previously mentioned accounts, including crypto accounts. Users, therefore, do not waste time by browsing through various spreadsheets, searching for the latest values, or by streaming web services, databases, or cloud applications. The MR portfolio updates information in only a few minutes and then displays it in one place.

MR Advisor

Financial consulting will be available to users, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, wherever and whenever you need it. Consultants will offer a wide range of services that will be payable, either on a monthly basis or by monthly subscription. Advisors will have to deposit MRP tokens, which will serve as collateral in the event of an unfair act.

Communication center

It is sometimes difficult to find a common time slot with an advisor, but sometimes meeting face-to-face is also not financially justifiable. You may only have a short question to which you need an answer in the shortest possible time. By using the built-in communication center, you can ask a question and, depending on the subscription model, receive a comprehensive expert answer within 12 to 48 hours. A history of all communications will be safely stored and archived in your communication center, where you will also have the option of storing files and documents that you can share with your advisor.

Electronic library and videos

The internet is full of false or misleading information. The MoneyRebel Platform will include a comprehensive electronic library of pre-selected e-books and videos to help users improve their financial literacy.


There is no need to look for financial information online or through other specialized applications, as you will have them in the palm of your hand. The platform will simultaneously receive financial news from Bloomberg, Yahoo!, Finance as well as other sources. Users will be able to monitor free stock quotes, up-to-date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, social interactions, and more, 24 hours a day.

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