Frequently asked
questions (FAQ)


Tokens are already tradable on Livecoin and Idex exchange.
If there will be some left (hard cap not reached) we will burn them and publish the address.
No, if you will wait until the public release of MR Platform since ERC20 compatible wallet will be integrated into the platform. 
Tokens are part of Ethereum network, issued by smart contract.
No, you both must have your own ERC20 compatible wallet. Otherwise, you can also choose to wait for the MR wallet.
We cannot know about all wallets. It is important that you check with the issuer of the wallet whether it is ERC20 compatible or not. For MRP tokens it needs to be ERC20 compliant.
You cannot transfer the tokens by yourself – we need to distribute them to you. If you want to receive them, you must enter your wallet address in the Dashboard.
If it is not visible, then it is not entered correctly. You need to do it again and follow the instructions.
First read all the important user guidelines that your wallet provider is providing to you. If you need time, it is OK – the tokens are safe in your Dashboard. 


First, you need to know with which e-mail you registered. That is also where you received your Dashboard activation link. If you forgot your password, you can reset it. Finally – the link to the Dashboard is HERE.
If your password does not work, you can request a new one HERE. If you still cannot access your Dashboard, or your assets are displayed wrong, please contact MoneyRebel support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
If you have clicked the link to recover your forgotten password, you should have received an e-mail with instructions how to do it. If you cannot find the e-mail, try looking in the spam folder of your inbox.


We will release the platform in September 2018.
Most parts of the platform will be available all over the world. Banking services will be available just within the European Union.
Yes, when we set up the MoneyRebel banking services, users will receive free banking accounts and free services.
MoneyRebel will be the platform that will offer easy exchange from fiat to crypto and banking services but won’t be exchange nor a classic bank.

Currently, this is not yet possible. As soon as the arbitrage platform will be available, we will notify you.
We will upgrade it and make it available to our supporters according to our roadmap.


Currently, you cannot contribute. The ICO has been closed, but you can buy MRP tokens on Livecoin and Idex exchange. 
In the world of crypto, there are possibilities of theft. MoneyRebel tokens cannot yet be stolen if you don’t have them in your wallet. If you do you should take care of your private keys. It is your sole responsibility to secure your funds.
The source code is published, and it is visible HERE
The KYC (standing for: Know Your Client) is a standard form in the investment industry, as well as in the process of the ICO crowdsale. It is required by the governments and regulators and ensures the ICO team can verify a supporter’s personal identity information before investing is completed. The KYC is a one-time procedure and a necessary step to be done. Personal identity information is highly confidential and available only for the ICO team and governmental institutions if needed.
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In which round
you test
the MR platform?

Team and invited friends and experts PRE-ICO and ICO project supporters Those signed up for testing the platform The platform will be officially available to all users

MR wallet and accounts

Since we want that access to cryptocurrencies for all users to be as easy as possible, we will make it easier for those platform users encountering crypto for the first time. How? In the platform, we will integrate a fully functioning ethereum wallet, where you can also store your MRP tokens. Linking to the API software will also allow you to connect your existing and specified cryptocurrency accounts with the MR platform, thus sending out orders for the transfer, purchase, or sale of cryptocurrencies directly from the platform, also to some external users. We are pleased to announce, that we have managed to connect to the Bitstamp and Kraken exchanges. To be able to establish a so-called “Corporate account” is in fact quite complicated at such exchange offices. And we did it!

MR Portfolio 

We are aware that it is difficult to maintain an overall view of all investments. We actually need a savings bank account, a brokerage account for shares, a different account for mutual funds, separate insurance, and a pension account, etc. If we add private capital, gold, and crypto funds, then confusion is complete. The MR portfolio shows all investments in a single chart that smoothly connects all previously mentioned accounts, including crypto accounts. Users, therefore, do not waste time by browsing through various spreadsheets, searching for the latest values, or by streaming web services, databases, or cloud applications. The MR portfolio updates information in only a few minutes and then displays it in one place.

MR Advisor

Financial consulting will be available to users, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, wherever and whenever you need it. Consultants will offer a wide range of services that will be payable, either on a monthly basis or by monthly subscription. Advisors will have to deposit MRP tokens, which will serve as collateral in the event of an unfair act.

Communication center

It is sometimes difficult to find a common time slot with an advisor, but sometimes meeting face-to-face is also not financially justifiable. You may only have a short question to which you need an answer in the shortest possible time. By using the built-in communication center, you can ask a question and, depending on the subscription model, receive a comprehensive expert answer within 12 to 48 hours. A history of all communications will be safely stored and archived in your communication center, where you will also have the option of storing files and documents that you can share with your advisor.

Electronic library and videos

The internet is full of false or misleading information. The MoneyRebel Platform will include a comprehensive electronic library of pre-selected e-books and videos to help users improve their financial literacy.


There is no need to look for financial information online or through other specialized applications, as you will have them in the palm of your hand. The platform will simultaneously receive financial news from Bloomberg, Yahoo!, Finance as well as other sources. Users will be able to monitor free stock quotes, up-to-date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, social interactions, and more, 24 hours a day.

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