The tokens are in your wallet. Do you not see them? The reason is ...

News | 14/12/2018

Lately, we have had quite a few questions from our users about restoring or creating the MR wallet. Many users have confused functions that bring a completely different result. We have prepared detailed instructions for you, please read them carefully.

You do not see MRP tokens in your app? There can be more than one reason! Read the following carefully to see if any of the following relates to your situation:

  • You're looking in the wrong place. MRP tokens are visible in the MR wallet and not directly in the portfolio that opens immediately upon entering the application. So, go to your MR wallet in the application where your tokens are visible. Access the wallet in the menu, as shown in the picture HERE.

  • Instead of restoring, you created a new wallet. Alternatively, you have "overwritten" the wallet to which you received your tokens, and instead of restoring your existing wallet, you created a new one. But do not worry, if you saved the mnemonics of your correct wallet, simply reload the previous one. Read about how to do this HERE.

  • You entered mnemonics wrong. It is very important to carefully check if you have entered the mnemonics in the correct order when restoring the wallet. Otherwise, there will be no tokens in the wallet. If there are still no tokens in the wallet, repeat the exercise, as you almost certainly misspelled at least one of the mnemonics. If the tokens still aren’t in your wallet after your third try, contact us at [email protected]

The difference between RESTORING and CREATING a wallet

Once you have created a wallet and have received MRP tokens in it, if you remove the app or replace your phone, do not create a new wallet, but RESTORE the existing one. You can only restore it with mnemonics that you should have saved when creating the wallet. The complete instructions on how to successfully restore a wallet are located in the second part of these instructions HERE.

We advise you to create only one wallet, and then you are updating and not creating new ones. Your tokens won’t be visible in newly created wallets, even if they are created in your application unless you resend them. They will stay in your old wallet, that you can restore with your mnemonics. Each wallet has its own, unique address and mnemonics.

If you need any help, first look at the instructions HERE, and in case of additional challenges, you can always write us at [email protected]

The tokens are in your wallet. Do you not see them? The reason is ...

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