2018 was all development, 2019 will be production

Blog | 08/01/2019

What a year it was for MoneyRebel! 2018 was all about development since we began developing our all-in-one financial platform in December 2017. Since then we have successfully launched the beta and production version of the MoneyRebel mobile app and web platform for clients, distributed and listed our MRP tokens and survived the crypto crash! We must admit we missed out on some milestones in 2018 (which startup hasn’t?), but we are fighting to make them up in 2019. We have some big surprises in store, so stay tuned. 

1000+ active users, 20%+ arbitrage return, no funds from ICO used

The numbers for 2018 can be misleading because they are really, really good! In 2 and half months, we have managed to openly attract more than 1.000 active users to our mobile app. Even though the functionalities are limited (no marketplace of advisors at this moment), that is a positive number. Even more positive are the arbitrage returns we are conducting with our own and friend & family program money, fiat and crypto. A 20%+ yearly return is making us work harder and faster on finding a solution to enable all of our supporters first, and then the rest of our “small” clients, enabling them to put their money to work. And last, but not least, we haven’t used any of the ICO funds so far; we were operating on pre-ICO funds and actual revenues from arbitrage and exchange services. It would have been awesome, if the crypto market hadn’t collapsed, but it means our funds in euros have decreased a lot. We still have more than 3,700 ETH and 10 BTC, as well as EUR funds for next couple of months on our accounts, but in reality we would have a lot more if the crash hadn’t been so severe, consequently, a big chunk of ETH funds wouldn’t be locked in a Parity MultiSig, enabling us to work with them.

Team to lead MoneyRebel into 2019

As a startup, we need to be agile and adopt to new circumstances. Now, that the initial fundraising and development phase is over, we needed to regroup and put the right people on the right places to move forward. That’s why we've decided to professionalize the core team consisting of 6 core members + a maintenance team of developers. We were lucky to source most of the core members from the team that had gone through the first phase. Jaka Kladnik, who will take charge of operations with Urban, Tanja, and Dejan as full-time members, is looking for two more to come on board. Matjaž, Nataša and I will take on the role of advisors, supporting the team all the way. All the rest who participated in the project so far will remain close members of our MoneyRebel family.

Advisors module is coming

To deliver the best customer service experience, advisors must combine the best people with the best software and tools available in today's world. We all use Google tools, and professionals use Salesforce and Bloomberg tools, but that’s not enough. To connect with clients, the most technologically savvy advisors will use the MoneyRebel Platform, which is coming into production in the coming months. Here is how we are revolutionizing financial services as we know them today.

A new approach to financial services

With MoneyRebel, advisors will enable their existing and new clients to track their wallet money, emergency funds and investment portfolios in one place, and offer a complete digital advisory experience. The MoneyRebel platform will change the way clients use financial services. Apart from digitalization, it also stretches across borders, integrates open banking and crypto solutions and introduces subscription-based advice. Advisors and other financial service professionals will be able to offer subscriptions for their services, and clients will have the opportunity to subscribe to financial advice, in the same way they do for the internet, or electricity for their homes.

Advisors across borders

Why should one be limited with political borders in the 21st century? The MoneyRebel Platform will enable clients to choose among financial planners, coaches, wealth managers, tax, insurance and crypto specialists from different countries. The only obstacle will be if they speak your language, or for services that are not regulated within a particular country. There is a lot to offer internationally, and professionals will expand their businesses just by joining the marketplace.

Digital advisory experience

Easy to set up, mobile, no need for face-to-face meetings. Everyone can first test their selected advisor first, then choose a subscription, or pay as-you-go model.

Open banking (for immediate payments) is coming in 2019 with full speed. The MoneyRebel Platform is ready to connect your existing banking accounts (and in the future make immediate payments). Beyond fiat world, we have integrated a real crypto wallet and are offering connectivity solutions.

Send and receive crypto tokens within your app and connect your crypto accounts to various exchanges on the go.

For partners (advisory companies, retail banks, etc.) we have designed the platform to enable API connectivity to integrate their existing solutions. So, expect to see the MoneyRebel Platform in various applications in 2019.

I wish you an exciting 2019, and please give your support to Jaka and team, who will be replacing me in informing you about the status of MoneyRebel in the future.

Mitja Vezovišek, MoneyRebel Co-founder


2018 was all development, 2019 will be production

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