AMA: Our token is on our minds, all the time

News | 08/02/2019

A few days ago, we hosted our first 2019 AMA, and it was also the first MoneyRebel AMA with our new COO, Jaka Kladnik. He answered your questions, even those, that we received via email. In the meantime, we have already published all of these answers in our support center, that is available HERE, 24/7.

Arbitrage - When will it be available, are there any conditions to invest and can you invest in an arbitrage product with cryptocurrency?

We need to develop a user interface that will simplify use of the arbitrage. We are going to talk about the conditions after we define the user interface, but for now we have hardly discussed the conditions.

Are tax advisors available and can they be used for this year's (February) tax report?

No. We are planning to onboard the first Advisory company in Q1, or mid Q2.

When will you start executing your plan to provide permanent growth, liquidity and stability to your token?

Our token is on our minds all the time. We are right now focusing on the user flow, so there will not be any UX issues with people buying tokens and using them on the platform. So here, we all know that this field is very complex and right now we are doing our best to make things flow in a big way, including also our token usage.

Has there been any progress regarding raising venture capital funds for further development?

Next week we are going to London (Finovate) with a clear mission – to find potential partners and customers - we all know that London is going to be filled with potential clients and we are planning to capitalise on that.

I constantly get a 'bad credentials' error upon login in my Android MoneyRebel app. I removed the app, restarted the phone, installed the app again, cleared the cache, but with no success.

Regarding the solution you have two options:

Option 1: If you have not been active in the MR application for a long time, this warning will appear. In this case, try LOGOUT and log in again with your username and password. If you do not succeed, we suggest you delete the application from your device and reinstall it, then log in with your user account and password.

Option 2: If you enter an incorrect username or password with LOGIN, the error will also appear. Make sure you enter the right information, then click on the "eye" button next to the password to preview the signed password.

Otherwise I suggest you send any problems/bugs to [email protected] - the email is connected to our Ticketing system and we can trace every ticket.

Where can I find my tokens?

You can find your tokens in your MoneyRebel wallet. Sometimes you won’t see the tokens in your portfolio, but that doesn’t mean the tokens are lost. The tokens are still in your wallet.

I'm having problems refreshing my portfolio data. What should I do?

All investments with an automatically displayed price are linked to exchanges and regularly refreshed. If you entered the price manually, it means that the asset is not linked to any exchange, so the price is not automatically updated.

Can I link two accounts from the same bank with one user account?

This is not possible because the Salt Edge external supplier system allows the connection with only one account from the same bank.

All the tokens in my MR Wallet have disappeared! What happened

This means that you have either created a new wallet, and that is not the MR wallet where your MRP tokens were distributed, or that you had to restore your wallet and you weren’t successful.

It is important to know: If you restore your MR wallet with the correct mnemonics that you entered, in the exact same order as the way you received them when you created your wallet, you will always have access to your MR wallet. But be sure that you spell every word correctly.

Why I can’t see my MRP tokens in my MR wallet?

It is possible that you are not in your MR wallet, but in the wallet that is part of the portfolio. To check the status in your MR wallet, you must enter the MR wallet.

I would like to remove an added account. I received a message, that account was removed successfully, but I can still see the account, only that the options for managing the account have disappeared. How can I really remove the account?

You successfully removed the connection to the account. But, if you want to remove all the related investments, you must deleted them manually in the portfolio.  Once you linked your account, all your transactions were added to your portfolio. By deactivating the account, you removed the active connection to your account, but all transactions already recorded are retained in your portfolio, therefore they need to be removed manually.

How can I allocate assets in my portfolio?

The assets are divided into three portions within the MR portfolio:

1. investments (also includes content from your MR wallet)

2. Emergency (this is a part of your liquidity assets for unforeseen events. The amount of emergency funds of an individual depends on the average monthly expenditure amount and represents 6-12 times this amount)

3. Wallet (daily spendings)

My bank uses a one-time password generator (OTP) to access the application. How can I get username in the password for Saltedge sync?

If you use a connection to your bank account through Saltedge, use the same access you use to directly access your bank. For example: When you sign in to your Intesa Sanpaolo account, enter your username in the OTP generator after which you get a one-time password that you enter into the requested field; then you enter the banking application. In the case of Saltedge, the process is the same.

AMA: Our token is on our minds, all the time

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