The first advisors on MoneyRebel’s platform are from Slovenia, Italy and France

Blog | 14/10/2018

Can you believe it? We have already hosted the 9th AMA on our Telegram channel. We can still clearly remember the first one and cannot comprehend how quickly time flies. Nataša Kozlevčar, our CRO, was answering your questions for 60 minutes and for all of you that missed it, or just want to take a look at the recap, here’s what we talked about. We had a lively debate all about the upcoming platform that will finally see the light of day in it’s true glory. So, don’t forget to check out the announcement of Moneyrebel’s platform launch event, click HERE.

How many advisors do you already have? From where are they? What is their background?
They are from Slovenia, Italy and France. They are of different backgrounds, but we are mostly focused on independent financial advisors for now. Of course, others are welcome too.

Will the platform open at the same time for users and advisors?
Yes. October 24th at 16:00 is the date and time.

What is a CRO?
Good question: CRO = customer revenue officer.

Where will the launch take place? Will there be some kind of online streaming?
The event will take place in Ljubljana at Bitcoin City :-) and yes there will be online streaming over Facebook.

What will the evaluation of advisors look like? And will there be an option that for every advisor, all those that have worked with them must at the end of the advisory session, rate them and leave some kind of feedback?
Each advisor will have to fill out a questionnaire: how many years of experience, any licenses, articles & books written on the topic, being a member of associations, etc … These things will be the main basis of initial ratings.

Is the timeline still the same for 2018 Q4 and 2019?
Milestone 2 has already been specified but we will start programming later this year, as we will first go to market — to check it. So, the timeline will be delayed a little, but the exact time will be announced once we start programming.

An all-in-one financial platform with a marketplace of advisors — how many advisors you have on board and from which fields will they come?
Fields: independent financial advisors and planners are in our focus, but others can also join such as: insurance brokers, agents, real estate agents, tax advisers, lawyers, and accountants.

I see on the website that you have a button — advisors ‘coming soon’. Will they be revealed to public with a photo, video and a profile description?
Profile yes, video no. At the beginning there will be a few of them, and they will be added daily.

With the platform soon to be out and start working, what is the next big milestone for Moneyrebel?
Milestone 2 — Advisory Tools — from profiling, reallocation, calculators, planning templates, reports and for some countries, tax optimization.

Great job on the launch. Will the platform be free to use for end users? What will be free to see and what will be payable?
Yes, the platform will be free to use … So, welcome everyone. In the future there will be some great features coming out that will be payable, but only if you want to use them.

Will advisors have any tests to show their qualities and knowledge? Or will it be only by ratings of users like that seen on AirBnb, for example?
The client will get a Free Checkup if the advisor chooses to offer one. They will have their profile as well as an initial rating. This initial rating is quite complex: it covers many things from experience to articles, licenses etc.

And another thing. Will advisors also use the platform for free and be able to choose if they want to give advice and open their services?
Advisors will pay a monthly license fee, but we have a great offer now as MoneyRebel is just being presented to the world. About Free Checkup — it is up to them. They can offer it if they want.

How many advisors already have boarded, or are on the waiting list?
On-boarding will start as soon as we will launch the platform. And yes, we already have some advisors ready to board. :) From Slovenia, Italy and France.

Will there be any restrictions for advisors, given the fact that we can have all of the ERC20 compatible tokens on the MR wallet? Will there be any restrictions for that?
Well, the relationship between the advisor and the client is only between them; they can talk about anything. Regarding arbitrage — this will be independent of the advisor since arbitrage will be done by MR.

What will be the working hours of consultants?
This will be an on-line platform. Advisors will put their reaction time in themselves, but usually not more than 48 hours.

How will the price of counseling be determined?
The pricing policy is up to the advisory company. But we will set a min. price so there will be no dumping.

How will you prevent advisors from having a marketing campaign, or better yet, by using the platform just as a marketing tool to bring users to their company, for real money and advice, for example?
The thing is that the platform will provide so many integrated tools they can use … but of course, they can come to the platform just to show themselves. However, their ratings will stay at the initial level if they do not have clients via the platform.

Will there be multilingual support — if some advisor comes from China — will it be possible to talk to him in his language? If so, how you will you monitor this with regards to spam/fraudulent activity?
English is the key. However, the platform itself will be multilingual.

How will you prevent direct communication with advisors — just like Airbnb are having, with deals being made on the side.
The platform will have many tools available… advisors will actually onboard clients (like CRM) and ratings will only be possible if the client goes through the platform …

Will MRP tokens be used just for payment purposes on the platform and “hodl material” or can advisors also say, do arbitrage with MRP tokens.?
When arbitrage with MRP will be available, advisors can also recommend this. But arbitrage models are still in the making, like fiat/crypto crypto/crypto.
Currently, MRP’s will have the function of stacking to be an advisor and for the payment of products and services.

What are the terms necessary to become an advisor?
The terms will be known as soon as they are put onto our new website, which is currently being prepared.

How many users and advisors do you think will be on the platform the day it is launched?
We do not have a crystal ball :) But we expect to have approximately 1,000 users and some advisors. The market for advisors will develop with the launch.

What will the interface look like? Fiat/crypto? Please tell me about the process.
The process is still in the making. Basically, you will have to deposit funds (fiat, crypto), then arbitrage begins.

Can you please tell me more (maybe a little more technical)? Will I deposit my funds like on an exchange through SEPA, or can I deposit them with PayPal? Who will do the exchange fiat/mrp and when?
We don’t yet have details since the process for customers is still in the making. Our focus is to include as many exchanges and as many pairs as possible. Which payment options and pairs will first be available is still not yet confirmed.

How will you prevent scammers on the platform?
Extensive due diligence.

Will there (in the future) be an option for maybe having something like a saving mrp wallet fund or something?
Yes. This will be a feature in the future.

There have been many scams and close-ups of crypto startups — I am happy that you deliver and will continue to do good work, so respect to whole team!
Thank you. We are doing our best.

If I am an advisor, and I know all about crypto and want to advise but don’t have any company or work for anyone, how can I later earn something from this? Legally speaking?
You pay for the license to use the platform. Similarly, for CRM or marketing automation systems … But, as said, as we are currently launching the platform, a great offer is available at the moment. The process will soon be revealed on the webpage. But of course, you can contact us on [email protected]
For crypto, due diligence will be even stricter, but we welcome all as this is also the space we want to cover with the platform. You have to go through our process, detailing your experience as well as your results … contact us on [email protected]

I know it is an annoying question but what are the future plans for exchanges?
Exchanges are not our top priority, the product is. Everything will come at the right time.

The first advisors on MoneyRebel’s platform are from Slovenia, Italy and France

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