CAUTION: MR Wallet service interruption

News | 26/02/2019

Dear MoneyRebel community,

this is an important message for all of you, who have an MR wallet or any other ERC20 compatible wallets.

Članek je v slovenskem jeziku na voljo TUKAJ.

According to the Ethereum blog, the Ethereum network will be undergoing a scheduled upgrade at block number 7,280,000, which is predicted to occur on Thursday, February 28, 2019. The exact date is subject to change depending on block times between now and then and could be activated 1-2 days before or after. An exact countdown timer can be seen HERE. And if you are interested, you can monitor the network upgrade in real time HERE.

Why is this important also for MR Wallet owners?  

The Ethereum upgrade will require an upgrade of the MR Wallet infrastructure. The upgrade effort for MR Wallet is minor, however, it is expected to cause downtime of 1 hour - with up to 24 hours being a possibility. By that time there is expected downtime and service interruption. But don’t worry, your MR app and the platform will work during that time, only your MR Wallet will be unavailable.

During the upgrade at of the Ethereum network, you don’t need to do anything, but just follow possible the information that we will publish on our social channels if needed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

CAUTION: MR Wallet service interruption

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