A step closer to the European independent financial advisors

Blog | 27/03/2019

Last month was primarily a matter of negotiation and coordination with our separated development team. After hours of workshops, here in Ljubljana and online, we finally came up with a way of working, a specific timetable and priority tasks that must be carried out in the coming weeks. But this was not our only activity; our efforts also yielded some positive results on the way to the set goals.

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Further development

We have set up an environment, where it is clear in which areas the MoneyRebel platform needs to be upgraded; there is also some reprogramming that will make our product ready for potential clients - advisory firms. We agreed that the key tasks in the first part will be completed within 120 days. During this time, our development team should score 43 points (out of 120), while the remaining 77 will be resolved in the following months. I have to admit that it takes quite a lot of work for us to get to the concrete points, and above all the plan, on how to proceed and what our priorities are. But, we had to do this so that we can further develop the MoneyRebel product.

I must admit that working with a separated development team is a unique challenge that requires a lot of communication, cooperation and, of course, the immediate elimination of any misunderstandings. That's why we have met live during the past few weeks, where we could come up with the latest details that we had previously coordinated remotely.

We agreed on two-week sprints, where we can more accurately monitor the fulfillment of set goals. Of course, this does not mean that we will be able to "interfere" with the development itself, but we will have the opportunity to review what has been prepared at the end of each sprint, and add comments to help further the development team's tasks.

A step closer to becoming a FEIFA member

A while ago, we got in touch with FEIFA - the European Association of Independent Financial Advisors, and we reached a two-point agreement; the first is that we will present MoneyRebel at their May conference in London and the second is to join the organization as the first IT company.

The presentation at their conference is very important to us, as we will present the MoneyRebel platform to key representatives in the field of personal advising in Europe. Our development and the preparation of marketing and sales materials are focused on May 20, when D-Day awaits us in the first half of this year.

As mentioned, we have also come to an agreement that MoneyRebel will become the first IT company being a member of FEIFA. When we applied, we were aware that we would have to go through the specific organizational protocol they have. We were very pleased with the news that the Executive Director of the Association sent us at the time of the process: "On a very positive note, all of our Board were interested in your facility/platform and felt that a partnership was highly appropriate and should be mutually beneficial." After the official invitations and inclusion, we will achieve an important milestone towards our goal.

Among TOP 10 Slovenian potential startups

At the time of preparing a new presentation of the MoneyRebel platform, with a slightly different sales pitch, which will be directed to our business model for financial advisory companies, we also joined the Inno Program, which is under organization for startups by Slovenian ABC accelerator. As part of this program, we will, together with experts, test our sales performances so that in the next steps we will really be well prepared for the challenges that await us, and above all, we will have answers to questions that we might not even expect.

We believe in our product, we are aware of its advantages, but at the same time we know that the needs of users on the other side are somewhat different, and we want to be ready for this.

Of course, we cannot pass the positive news that surprised us at the end of last month. The European portal, EU-startups.com, which prepares company startup information, has placed MoneyRebel among TOP 10 Slovenian startup companies, which we have to watch in 2019 and beyond.

Jaka Kladnik, COO

A step closer to the European independent financial advisors

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