Here are the results of the MoneyRebel Platform testing!

News | 28/09/2018

Another beta testing is behind us, and the MoneyRebel platform will soon be ready for operation by all of you, our supporters and other users. Today we will walk you through some statistics because we want to share some of the first impressions and experiences from using the production version of the platform.

We will examine a few segments, and let’s start by looking at how many users have the iOS and how many the Android app. In beta testing, 78.8% of users had Android devices and 21.2% percent had iOS (iPhones).

When we asked you about your overall user experience during the testing of the MoneyRebel application, most responded that it went according to their expectations. Such answers reached 67.2%, while 19.8% of users indicated that the experience was above their expectations. Of course, not all are always satisfied, so 13% of users responded that the test version of the app was below their expectations.

Overall feedback on user experience

We also asked you about the usefulness of individual features, and most of the testers opted for a YES/NO answer, while some of you also added concrete ideas, which we carefully examined. Regarding the ease of use of the MR wallet, 68.2% answered that it is easy to use, and 72% of you are already certain that you will use it. When reviewing the results of the ease of using the MR portfolio, 78.8% answered that it is easy to use, and 73.5% decided that you would use it.

Do you think that MR portfolio is simple to use?

When choosing advisors, the results were similar, with 74.2% indicating that the selection was simple, and while 60.6% of the testers decided to choose an advisor, a large percentage of those who did not, stated that they already have one. This lets us know that a majority of you are already aware of the importance of a comprehensive approach to personal finances, including through a personal financial advisor.

As many as two-thirds you have decided that the communication center which allows you to communicate with your advisor is easy to use. 64.4% would like to have financial news included in the application, while 13.6% believe they do not need it. Most of those from the former group would only care to read only those articles they from their area of interest.

From all the recommendations for improvement we selected last week those that received the most votes from you. 

And here are a few impressions of testing:

“In general, I am very pleased. Thanks to the developers for their efforts. The finished application shows the dedication, expertise and excellence of the MoneyRebel team.” Diamond

“This is a an exceptionally useful product. The MR application will be used by all people in the EU because it is so simple and effective. MR saves a lot of costs: an updated exchange rate at all times, a wallet that lets you easily take care of your money from your sofa, an all-in-one-stop-shop, advisors available for a variety of questions and help.” Marta

“I’m very excited about the versatility of the MoneyRebel platform. At a time when a person tries to simplify everything as much as possible, the MoneyRebel platform is an excellent tool for combining all aspects of personal finance in a single application.” Tim

“An amazing application that combines tools of modern financial operations in a simple and effective way.” Katja

“A good application with enormous potential, and a great range of usability. The user interface has an intuitive design, so the you do not get lost between the menus, as is usually the case with similar applications. I will continue to use the application, and it is especially good for a beginner, who can get lost already when setting up their wallet X coin/token. I hope that in the future it will be possible to implement other coins/tokens.” Blaž

“The app is a certainly worth it. I did not expect any platform to be to offer all-in-one services. Because nowadays nobody has the time for anything, and this is a great app that allows you to have everything within reach at the click of a button. I thank the MoneyRebel team for doing what they promised.” Alen

“The platform is intuitively clear, I did not have any difficulties with registration. In general, the platform pleased me with its simplicity and intuitive interface. In the creation of the wallet there were no problems, the platform MoneyRebel is well protected by a password and a pin code + when creating a wallet it was necessary to write a mnemonic key that is excellent because it is possible to restore its digital assets. Positive impressions!” Ivan

“Anyone who knows at least a little bit about finances or wants to get them in order, will not be able to live without the MR application in the future. People, the time of banking records is over!” Boštjan

“Very excited overall. Hope that the finished platform will meet expectation of all users and advisors and will reach massive adoption.” Nino


Here are the results of the MoneyRebel Platform testing!

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