Good news from London

Blog | 30/05/2019

Last month was all about development and, of course, presenting our platform to potential clients. Finally! But let’s start at the beginning of the month when we were dedicated to you. We realize that you may have some questions about what is going on with our project, and that is why we have prepared a webinar for our supporters. Many of you were with us live and some of you watched the webinar replay within the 72 hours after our live session. Thank you for all of your feedback.


Let's continue with the development; in May our development team was working hard on P2, that was handed to us a week ago. At first, we agreed to deploy P2 on May 15th, but because of our presentation in London, where we wanted it to be available for demonstration purposes in a staging environment, we decided to postpone it to after the event, so we set it back a week. After that, P2 was finally deployed to staging and we are now testing it.

We also got an offer from the UX team. They evaluated a total makeover of the app, and now we have to plan a significant redesign of the UX. Now we will need to talk over the details and then start with the implementation.

London event

Regarding the UK event, it took place over one day at the Hilton hotel in London. Our objective was clear - we needed to create as much traction as possible and we wanted to get as many contacts as possible and then do a demo of our platform. There were 90 representatives from approx. 40 companies present and a number of them approached us. We knew exactly who our target companies were and who we needed to pay attention to. In seeking new solutions, as a matter of fact, all of them approached us and we have already booked a few demo dates for this week.

For example - a group director of a company with 16 offices in 11 countries told us that they are looking for a solution like what we are offering and that if everything is actually as was presented to them, then we have an open path to collaboration. We are glad, that we are finally getting concrete feedback from financial companies, who have shown a great interest of interest in us and want to know more about our platform.

I have to mention, that we also talked to a representative of a group with more than 100 Certified Financial Planners - that's a huge number which can help us position ourselves in the industry. Once more, this event has shown us that the decision to become FEIFA partners was the right one. Now, we need to exploit our options and try to convert leads into customers.

Jaka Kladnik, COO

Good news from London

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