P3 will be released in the middle of July

Blog | 18/06/2019

I must admit, after London, we have had quite a lot of things going on, arranging all the demos with potential clients ... and it all looks good! So, let’s start with sales, this time.

The first week of June was all about follow up's and demos. We are now in the sales process of introducing our solution to different advisory companies, and the process is clear - demo, offer, follow up. The first feedback is good, but we all know that the time to celebrate comes with signed contracts. We also agreed with some potential clients to start an initial analysis.

We will try to find out what kind of optimization our clients need so that they can benefit from the MoneyRebel Platform. Now we are going to get a realistic view of the sales cycle - how long it is, what the crucial problems we have to find the right answer to are, and what the main benefits that give us pole position among our competitors are.

Last week we get in touch with several potential customers we meet at different events in the past 12 months and ends up in our CRM. That is the first step, so we will now work on a further approach. The goal is clear - to start the sales cycle. First with demos.

As mentioned, we already have some good feedback from potential clients and a second company is really close to going on this path with us.

All the demo conversations that we have had, also give us a clear picture which 3rd party services we will need to integrate into our platform - so advisory companies will connect with them.


We evaluated the P3 phase of the product and are getting all the user stories straight for our development team. Now P3 is in full development; the release date is set for July 15th, 2019 and we don't expect any significant delays. After that date, we will need to wrap the whole thing up and upload it to the live environment.

We are also in the phase of setting up the onboarding of the Slovenian company. We had that planned for June, but with a slight delay, we are now setting it up.

Overall, we now have two targets: working on the sales and gathering as many clients as possible and, as mentioned, starting the onboarding process of the first client.

Jaka Kladnik, COO

P3 will be released in the middle of July

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