The P3 testing phase is up and running

Blog | 10/07/2019

This week is all about testing the P3 part of our platform development. Our developers handed us the release a few days before the expected date and our team is fully devoted to checking all parts of the platform – the administration part, the advisory part and of course the end-users’ part of the platform. But let see, what we were doing over the past few weeks. 

Our small team was focused on the onboarding process for new clients - including our 1st Slovenian client. We are now preparing all the protocols and want to make sure that everything will be tested and ready before we start the real onboarding.

If I go in details, last week Dejan and Urban worked on the first draft of the onboarding process for the Slovenian client. We are lucky to have Urban in our team. His expertise in being a CIO of an advisory company for many years is going to help us save a lot of time. His understanding of how the industry works, IT wise, and what the industry needs are, is really important for us.

Building the app for the future of the financial industry 

We also have several demo appointments (regardless of holidays, we also managed to arrange 4 demos with European financial advisory houses for this week) and are still working hard on getting new leads and demo our app to them. We have received several different types of feedback and are really glad that financial advisors see our platform as something they will need in the future. 

Because we know a lot of people don’t have time to think what will be the future of the financial industry, and they are only seeking results for today, we are preparing some marketing material for awareness and the consideration phase of the lead funnel. Our first product in this field will be an e-book explaining the recurring revenue business model, that is embedded into our platform. We know that every advisor wants to get more clients, but everyone is limited, at least by time. 

We know how important this part is for the future of financial advisory because more and more people are looking for financial advice. So, we set our goal toward sharing this idea and also represent the MoneyRebel platform as a key solution for financial advisory companies in order to get more revenue in the same amount of time.

And since we have a long-term solution for both - advisors and clients, we want them to get on board with the MoneyRebel platform. 

We need to test every possible scenario

And of course, as mentioned, we finally got the last package of upgrade and fixes - called P3. We were thrilled to get the upgraded version of the platform and app and now our work is to test it and make sure, that we test every possible scenario.

After that, we will need technical due diligence of the software, so we invited several well-known audit companies to make us an offer for a technical audit of our software including all apps: desktop, iOS, and Android. 

During the summer, we need to get ready for the, already mentioned, implementation of our Slovenian customer, so it is crucial to test every possible aspect of the platform. 

We are also working really hard on a strategic partnership with a development company and we know that we need to partner up and prepare ourselves for the implementation. Once we start doing that, we will need IT, and people, to help us scale.

And not to forget, we were invited to a FEIFA roadshow, to present the IT part of the financial advisory industry. For now, the plan is to visit: Malta, Spain, Cyprus, and Italy - every workshop would have more or less around 20 attendees (C-levels or owners of advisory companies). That is a huge opportunity for us to gain more leads.

Jaka Kladnik, MoneyRebel COO

The P3 testing phase is up and running

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