MRP tokens successfully distributed to MR wallets

News | 30/11/2018

The MoneyRebel platform has gained in the number of users over the past month, of course, included are many of you who supported the project at the time when the tokens went on sale. Although some supporters have already transferred their tokens to their wallets, there are many of you who have been waiting for the MR wallet and have successfully opened it during past few weeks.

As promised, one month after the MR platform launch, we have also distributed tokens to the MR wallets, for all of you who opened your wallets on-time. During this time, our support team has been communicating with supporters on a daily basis and it has turned out that we are an excellent team - both in support and with you, our supporters.

How did the distribution go?

"After we reconciled all newly opened MR wallets with supporters and your situation on the dashboard, we provided the relevant data to the contractor who is responsible for our smart contract. The distribution took place smoothly; it was completed within a few hours and we distributed about 50 million MRP tokens among supporters," said Urban Cjuha, MoneyRebel CIO at the end of the successful distribution. He added that our support, at the time of preparing the distribution, devoted a lot of time to the users who entered cryptoworld for the first time, so we were able to give them maximum support when opening their MR wallets. "We have prepared detailed instructions, added to which electronic and telephone support was available at all times. Our desire is that users get the best possible user experience that will allow them to use the application smoothly."

All of you who have already opened your MR wallet and have previously registered to the application, can check the status of your tokens that we have transferred from your dashboard. In the event of any ambiguity, please contact us at [email protected]

Secure your crypto asset!

Of course, it is important that your crypto asset, including MRP tokens, is well secured. We are completely confident that you have copied and stored your mnemonics in a safe place. When building the MoneyRebel platform, security was one of the key issues, as we are well aware of how vulnerable our data is today, that is why only you have access to your crypto asset in the MR wallet. This means that you are the exclusive owners of the keys that allow you control over the wallet, so you need to keep them in safe place. On how to safely store your crypto asset, please check out our blog HERE.

What’s next?

Of course, the development of the MoneyRebel Platform has not stopped. While users are already diligently charging their portfolios, our team is developing advisor tools brought on by another milestone. During this time, we have visited and organized quite a few international conferences, where we presented the MoneyRebel platform to a number of different audiences. In the international community, is approval is experienced at every step by both the professional public and the users. We believe that we will be able to cheer you up with new information shortly.

MRP tokens successfully distributed to MR wallets

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