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(Splošni pogoji v slovenskem jeziku se nahajajo na koncu)

These are the terms and conditions of use for MR Platform (“Terms and conditions”), an all-in-one financial platform with a marketplace of advisors (“MR Platform”).
The MR Platform brings a number of functionalities that help You on the way to transparent and orderly personal finance by offering all in one place - traditional and crypto finance (“Services”).
MR Platform and Services are accessible at www.moneyrebel.com (“Website”) and associated mobile applications (“App”).
MR Platform and the Services are owned, provided and operated by MoneyRebel, computer programming, d.o.o., Ameriška ulica 8, 1000 Ljubljana, registration number 8005672000, tax number 55690238 (“MoneyRebel”).

MoneyRebel company profile

MONEYREBEL, računalniško programiranje, d.o.o.
Ameriška ulica 8
SI - 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Bank account: SI56 6100 0001 7244 425 (Delavska hranilnica d.d., Ljubljana, Slovenia)
VAT ID and tax number: SI 55690238
Registration number: 8005672000
Court register entry 2017/33831, Ljubljana District Court, Slovenia
Date of entry of the entity into the register: 31 August 2017

Agreement and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

These Terms and conditions of use form our legally binding agreement with You in relation to the provided Website, App, MR Platform and Services (“Agreement”). The Agreement sets out all the conditions on which we will provide the Website, App, MR Platform and our Services to you, and applies to You whether You are only visiting the Website or App, or have registered to be a user of MR Platform and the Services (‘’You’’, “User”). If You intend to become a User, You must accept these Terms and conditions as part of the registration process.

You may not accept the Agreement and use MR Platform or any of the provided Services, if You are not legally authorized to accept and be bound by these Terms and conditions or are not at least 18 years of age or of other legal age, according to your relevant jurisdiction, to form a binding contract with MoneyRebel.

You can only use MR Platform and the Services if permitted under the laws of your jurisdiction. Please make sure that these Terms and conditions comply with all laws, rules, and regulations that apply to you. By using MR Platform and the Services, You represent and warrant that You meet all eligibility requirements that we outline in these Terms and conditions.


The Services are comprised of the following functionalities, delivered to You through MR Platform, as follows:
- Portfolio
- Accounts
- MR Wallet
- Communication center
- News

The above Services on MR Platform will soon be complemented with the following functionalities:
- Advisors: the MR Platform will offer different business advisory services provided by experienced advisors and consultants (financial, tax, property, investment, crypto currency, etc).
- Library: the MR platform will include a digital online book store with selected e-books as well as videos/webinars which help Users improve their financial literacy.

More information about these Services and their presentation will be presented and available to You soon with these Terms and Condition, therefore pay attention to any changes and amendments of Terms and Conditions.

Description of the Services

Portfolio – all assets in one place

The Portfolio allows You to enter information about your specific investments (e.g. savings bank account, brokerage account for securities, mutual fund account, separate insurance and pension accounts, private equity, gold, cryptocurrencies). For each investment You must enter the information about the type of investment, number of units, and its purchase price. The information on the value of a specific investment will then be regularly updated. The information on the price of securities will be based on their end-of-day data, provided by a Third Party Data provider – EOD Historical Data. Even if You decide not to enter the information on your investments, You will still be able to use the MR Platform, while the portfolio balance will equal zero.
You can classify each investment in three different classes: Investment for longterm investments, Emergency for investments for emergency cases and Wallet for funds for regular use. You can also use the MR Platform by classifying all investments within a single class; however, for the full user experience, we advise that You use the feature as intended to improve the overview of your investments and finance. The platform enables You to change the purpose of your investment or add a new investment at any given time.
After the entry of data, the MR Platform provides You with a structured and clear overview (i.e. graphs portfolio, etc), while all the data is regularly updated each time You open the MR Platform.

The Accounts Service enables the Users to connect to their bank accounts, while also displaying all other Vendors of User’s investments (“Linked Accounts”). The link with the selected bank account will allow the User to check the account balance (according to the screen scraping system) in specific bank accounts from the pre-set list of banks (“Account Information”). The banks, which currently provide such information in Slovenia, include: NLB d.d., Nova KBM d.d., Abanka d.d. and Intesa Sanpaolo Bank d.d., as well as N26. Please note that the User accesses the selected bank account under the same conditions as if they were accessing their bank directly, i.e. by using the same login credentials (the same password and user name). Due to the banks’ requirements, the refreshing of data is not automatic, but – in order to refresh the information from the bank account in the MR Platform – the User must repeat the procedure for accessing their bank.

MR Wallet
The User can also use the MR Wallet where they can store their MRP tokens and other tokens/coins and cryptocurrencies (“Crypto Assets”). In addition, the platform supports trading with Crypto Assets by connecting to the already open User’s accounts with the selected Crypto Assets trading platform, which supports and is compatible with the ERC20 technology.
Because our wish to simplify access to Crypto Assets for all Users as much as possible, we decided to facilitate such access for MR Platform users, esp. those who are confronted with Crypto Assets for the first time, by integrating a fully functional Ethereum wallet (“MR Wallet”) into the platform, where You can also store your MRP tokens.
The link with the API software interface also allows Users to connect their existing Crypto Assets Accounts with the MR Platform and thus submit orders for the transfer (sending or receiving) of Crypto Assets to several external trading platforms directly from the MR Platform. Currently, the MR Platform is linked to the following trading platforms: BitStamp, Kraken and Livecoin. MoneyRebel reserves the right to change the list of linked crypto trading platforms at any given time. All changes to the list of the linked crypto trading platforms will be published in these Terms and Conditions, the content of which You must monitor carefully.

Communication center
Communication center is available to You for communication with MR Platform's support.

So that You do not need to search for financial information online or through other specialised third-party applications, You can receive them all in one place, i.e. the MR Platform. The MR Platform regularly collects financial news from different sources, e.g. Bloomberg, Yahoo! Finance and others. You can monitor the price of securities, the most recent news and sources related to the management of their portfolio, the information on international markets, engage in social interaction, as well as many other things 24/7.

Registration Information

In order to use MR Platform and the Services, You will need to register for a user account with MoneyRebel (“MR Account”). To open a MR account You must provide the following information: name, surname, email and country of residence. You must also create your password and a 4-digit PIN number to access your MR account. You agree and understand that You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your MR Account login information, password and PIN, which, together with your e-mail address, allow You to access the MR Platform. The provided information (name, surname, email, country of residence, password and PIN) make up “Registration Information”. Prior to registering your MR account, You must confirm your acceptance of these Terms and Condition.

After registering your MR Account, You will be able to use the free-of-charge features of the MR Platform.

If You become aware of any unauthorized use of your Registration Information, You agree to notify MoneyRebel immediately at the e-mail address [email protected]. If You believe that your Registration Information or device that You use to access the MR Platform has been lost or stolen or that someone is using your account without your permission, You must notify us immediately by sending an email on [email protected] in order for us to try to minimize your possible losses.


On the MR Portfolio homepage the control panel will open, displaying: the current portfolio balance (provided that the User entered the relevant information into the MR Platform), the value of selected securities and cryptocurrencies (Top 3), the selected recent news and the most recent messages from the advisor/consultant (provided that the User selects and communicates with one). By clicking any of these categories the User accesses the details of the specific feature.


In the settings You can manage your information and other content:
Personal Information:
- Personal information: name, surname, email, option to change the mobile number.
- Country
- Native currency: You can select the currency for displaying the portfolio value.
- Change language: You can choose between the English and Slovene version of the App.

- Linked accounts: You can set or change the linked accounts (bank accounts, crypto and other accounts)
- Strategies: You can complete a questionnaire about the investment strategy which shows Your’s attitude towards investment risks. You can also browse all your completed questionnaires and saved investment strategies.
- Personal finance register: it is available to the User for saving all documents which the User would like to store in the MR Platform.

- Change PIN: You can change your PIN.
- Change password: You can change the password for accessing Your account.
- Fingerprint: You can choose between the PIN and fingerprint for entering the MR Platform.

Other Settings:
- Quick access: You can change quick access links in the control panel.
- Dashboard Widgets: You can change the order of widgets displayed in the control panel (Communication center, News, Watchlist).
- About the app: information about the latest version of the App.
- Terms & Conditions: latest version of T&C.
- Privacy Policy: the latest version of the Privacy Policy.
- Support: allows You to message the MoneyRebel team and contains a link to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
- MR Wallet: enables You access to MR Wallet (create and/or restore wallet).
- Reset tooltips: You are provided with a possibility to reviews and read instructions for the use of tools.
- Remove MR Wallet: in case You forget your MR Wallet password, but You still know the mnemonics, You can use this feature to delete the MR - Wallet and set up a new wallet with a new password (however, You must know the mnemonics to restore the same MR Wallet, otherwise the procedure is not possible).
- Log out.

Account Information from Third Party Sites

By accessing and using MR Platform and the Services, You acknowledge and agree that we access and retrieve Account Information from third-party sites. MoneyRebel works with Salt Edge Inc. to access this Account Information. For the purposes of the Agreement and to provide Account Information to You as part of the Services, You authorize and direct us to access third party sites and to electronically retrieve your Account Information maintained by third party financial institutions with which You have a legally binding customer relationship. In addition, You expressly authorize such third parties to disclose your information to us.

The overall integrity and quality of the data presented by MoneyRebel to You is an important element in providing You with a high quality and accurate picture of your personal finances. MoneyRebel, however, is not responsible for and cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of Account Information we retrieve on your behalf directly, from third-party technology providers (i.e. Salt Edge Inc.) or from third-party financial institutions where your accounts are held. MoneyRebel does not review the Account Information for accuracy, legality or non-infringement. MoneyRebel is not responsible for the Account Information or products and services offered by or on third-party sites and shall not be held responsible or liable for the third-party sites’ compliance with any regulation.

MoneyRebel may not be able to foresee or anticipate technical or other difficulties, which may result in failure to obtain data or loss of data, personalization settings or other service interruptions. MoneyRebel cannot assume responsibility for the timeliness, accuracy, deletion, non-delivery or failure to store any user data, communications or personalization settings. For example, when displayed through the Services, Account Information is only as fresh as the time shown, which reflects when the information is obtained from such sites. Such information may be more up-to-date when obtained directly from the relevant sites.

Third Party Products and Services

MR Platform provides website links to third parties products and services. The use of third party products or services is governed by the terms and conditions of the relevant supplier. The content and operations of third party products and services is outside of our control, and we cannot accept responsibility or liability for the products and services provided to You by these third parties.

For example, if the user connects from MR Platform to his already active account with the selected Crypto Exchange, he then works in the environment of selected Crypto Exchange outside of our control and based on the terms and conditions and privacy policy of selected Crypto Exchange.

Third Party Data providers

MR Platform provides data obtained from third party sites that are displayed or reported through our Dashboard or any of our Services, like information on the value of investment displayed through MR Portfolio or News Feed.
The overall integrity and quality of the data presented by MoneyRebel to You is an important element in providing You with a high quality and accurate picture of your personal finances. MoneyRebel, however, is not responsible for and cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the data we retrieve from third-party research/market data and news providers used to provide the Services.

Cost of Services

Your use of MR Platform and related Services is free of charge.

Your use of the Services

Your right to access and use MR Platform and related Services is personal to You and is not transferable by You to any other person or entity. You agree to provide us with information (including Registration Information), which is true, accurate, complete and You agree not to misrepresent your identity or your user information. You represent that You are a legal owner of and that You are authorized to provide us with, all Registration Information and other information necessary to facilitate your use of the Services. By submitting information, data, passwords, usernames, PINs, other login information, materials and other content to MoneyRebel through the Services, You agree that MoneyRebel may use and store that content for providing the Services.
You are only entitled to access and use the Services for lawful purposes. You agree that You will not violate any laws when using MR Platform and related Services. You may not use MR Platform and related Services to post or transmit anything that is unlawful or violates the rights of another and to post or transmit a file or email, which contains viruses, worms, Trojan horses or any other damaging or destructive elements. You may not resell or make any commercial use of MR Platform and related Services. If You breach any of the above-stated obligations, we reserve the right to terminate your use of MR Platform and the Services at any time.

Disclaimer of Representations and Warranties

MR Platform and all Services and functionalities associated with the Services or provided through the Services are provided to You on an “as-is” and “as available” basis. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the content or operation of MR Platform and the Services. We make no representations, warranties or guarantees, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the content of MR Platform and the Services, and expressly disclaim any warranties of non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose. We make no representation, warranty or guarantee that the content that may be available through MR Platform and the Services is free of infection from any viruses or other code or computer programming routines that contain contaminating or destructive properties or that are intended to damage, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information.

Your access and use of the Website, App, MR Platform and the Services may be interrupted from time to time for any of several reasons, including, without limitation, internet or telecommunications failure, failure of hardware or software, the malfunction of equipment, periodic updating, maintenance or repair of the Website, App, MR Platform and the Services or other actions that MoneyRebel, in its sole discretion, may elect to take. In no event will MoneyRebel be liable to any party for any loss, cost, or damage that results from any scheduled or unscheduled downtime.

MoneyRebel may not be able to foresee or anticipate technical or other difficulties which may result in failure to obtain data, personalization settings or other service interruptions. MoneyRebel assumes no responsibility for the timeliness, accuracy, deletion, non-delivery or failure to store any user data, loss of user data, communications or personalization settings.

MoneyRebel cannot guarantee the complete security of the Website, App, MR Platform and the Services, but will take all reasonable steps in this regard. You agree that any downloads of content or materials related to the Website, App, MR Platform and the Services is done at your own risk and You are solely responsible for any damage to your computer/system or loss of data that results from the download of or access to any such materials.

MoneyRebel cannot guarantee that the quality of any products, services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by You through the Website, App, MR Platform and the Services will meet your expectations. MoneyRebel shall not be responsible for investment and other financial decisions, damages, or other losses resulting from the use of MR Platform and the Services.

Limitations on our Liability

To the extent permitted by law, we shall not be responsible or liable to You or to any third party, whether in contract, warranty, delict or tort (including negligence) or otherwise for loss of income or revenue, loss of business, loss of profits or contracts, loss of anticipated savings, loss of data, loss of goodwill or special, indirect or consequential damage arising in whole or in part from your access to MR Platform and the Services, your use of MR Platform and the Services or this Agreement, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this agreement, our liability to You for any cause whatever and regardless of the form of the action, will at all times be limited to 100,00 EUR.

Intellectual Property

MoneyRebel is the owner of MR Platform, the Website and the App. Unless expressly stated or apparent otherwise (e.g. News, Library, etc.), the content of MR Platform, the Website and the App, including its “look and feel” (e.g., text, graphics, images, logos and button icons), photographs, editorial content, notices, software and other material are protected under intellectual property rights, which belong to MoneyRebel. We grant You the right to view and use MR Platform, the Website and the App subject to these Terms and conditions, only for your personal, non-commercial use. Any distribution or reproduction of any content from MR Platform or any other use, inconsistent with this clause, the Website and the App for any other purpose is expressly prohibited without our prior written consent.


Some parts of the Services may be supported by links from advertisers that may be custom matched to You based on information stored in the Services, queries made through the Services or other information. We do not endorse, warrant or guarantee the products or services available through the links. MoneyRebel is not responsible for the activities or policies of those websites. If You elect to use or purchase services from third parties, You are subject to their terms and conditions and privacy policy.


All required notices will be sent electronically to the e-mail address that You provide. Notifications will be sent to You if there is a material change to the Services and these Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility to provide us with the true, accurate and complete e-mail address and to maintain and update promptly any changes in this information.

Ending the Agreement

The Agreement will continue to apply until terminated by either You or we as set out below. If You want to terminate your Agreement with us, You may do so by closing your Account. After closing your Account, we will continue to retain only such information, as we are required by law to retain.
We reserve the right to terminate our legal agreement with You (by providing an email notice of such termination and by closing your Account): (i) if You have breached or have acted in a manner which clearly shows that You intend to breach any provision of the Agreement, (ii) if we are required to do so by law or authority or (v) for any other justified reason at our discretion. The termination of the Agreement will not affect any of our rights or your obligations arising under the Agreement prior to termination.


We may modify the Agreement by changing these Terms and conditions from time to time. All changes to these Terms and conditions will be posted on the Website. You are deemed to accept and agree to be bound by any changes to the Terms and conditions when You use the Website, App, MR Platform or the Services after those changes are posted.
MoneyRebel reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Website, App, MR Platform or any of the Services. Your use of the Website, App, MR Platform and the Services after the change(s) will constitute your agreement to such change(s). You agree that we shall not be liable to You or any third party for any such change(s).

Governing Law and Forum for Disputes

The laws of Slovenia without regard to its conflicts of law’s provisions shall govern the Agreement and your relationship with us, if not otherwise compulsory under the applicable law. Any dispute with us, arising under or in relation to the Agreement, if not solved peacefully, shall be resolved exclusively through the Slovenian courts, if exclusive jurisdiction is not held by any other jurisdiction under mandatory law.


Should You have any question regarding these Terms and conditions, MR Platform and related Services, please get in touch by emailing us at [email protected].

When You use MR Wallet

In case You intend to use the MR Wallet in the MR Platform, then You are subject to the following General Terms and Conditions, laying down the rights and obligations between You and MoneyRebel when using the MR Wallet. MR Wallet is operated by MRCrypto OU¨, registry code 14534455, legal address Punane tn 68-170, Tallinn, 13619, Estonia.

Wallet Service

MRCrypto OU¨ operates a software program that enables Users to receive, access, store and send Crypto assets using self-hosted wallet services for Ethereum-based blockchains (“MR Wallet”).
Crypto assets mean such type of assets, which can only be transmitted by means of blockchain technology, including but not limited to digital coins and digital tokens and any other type of digital mediums of exchange (“Crypto assets”).
MR Wallet (i) generates wallet addresses (“Wallet Address”) and encrypted private keys (“Private Key”) that You may use to receive, access, store and send Crypto assets, (ii) facilitates the connection to your active account opened with the selected Crypto Exchange and (iii) facilitates submission of Crypto assets transaction data to selected Crypto Exchange.

Wallet registration

A User creates MR Wallet by clicking the MR Wallet icon, after which the process is guided step by step. First, the User must create a password for accessing their MR Wallet (the password is independent of the password for accessing the MR Platform). After the User confirms the password the system provides scanned keywords (so-called mnemonics), which the User must copy to a piece of paper in the displayed order and store it. Only by using mnemonics and password, which together constitute the Private Key, the user can restore the MR Wallet a later time. In the next step, the User must click the keywords in the correct order, after which the MR Wallet is automatically created.

Wallet Security

The Private Key is connected to the Wallet Address and, together, they can be used to authorize the transfer of Crypto assets to and from that Wallet Address. You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your Wallet Address and Private Key as well as password and mnemonics associated with your MR Wallet. You must keep your Wallet Address, Private Key, password and mnemonics access information secure. Failure to do so may result in the loss of control of Crypto assets associated with your MR Wallet since MR Wallet does not receive or store your Private Key, password or mnemonics associated with your MR Wallet.

Crypto assets Transactions

We do not transfer Crypto assets. Any transfer that occurs in any Crypto assets occurs on the Ethereum-based blockchains. We, therefore, cannot affect the transfer of title or right in any Crypto assets.
All proposed Crypto assets transactions must be confirmed and processed in associated Crypto Exchange to be completed. Associated Crypto Exchanges are supported by independent third parties, which we do not own, control, or operate. We have no control over the Crypto Exchanges and Ethereum Networks as such and, therefore, cannot and do not ensure that any transaction details that You submit via MR Wallet will be confirmed and processed.
By using MR Wallet, You acknowledge and agree that You are entirely responsible for the correctness of the transaction details and that the transaction details You submit may not be correct and complete which may lead to delay or failure of the transaction due to circumstances beyond our control. You represent and warrant that any information You provide using MR Wallet is accurate and complete and acknowledge that we cannot assist You to cancel or otherwise modify your transaction. You accept and acknowledge that we are not responsible for any errors or omissions that You make in connection with any Crypto assets transaction using MR Wallet.

Types of Transactions

The following Transactions are available to be performed via MR Wallet with Crypto assets:
Receive tokens: a remittance of Crypto assets to your MR Wallet from third-party wallet or account provider.
Send tokens: a remittance of Crypto assets from MR Wallet to third-party wallet or account provider.


When transferring the Crypto Assets from the MR Wallet to another wallet a network fee is automatically charged. The fee includes the gas price and gas limit. The network fee is charged in the Ethereum (ETH) currency. In the case of inadequate ETH funds in their wallet, the User cannot transfer the funds from the MR Wallet to another Wallet.


It is your responsibility to determine what, if any, taxes apply to the transactions that You have initiated using MR Wallet, and it is your responsibility to report and remit the correct tax to the appropriate tax authority and You accept and acknowledge that we have no obligations in this regard.

Third Party Services

We have no control over the Third Party Services and Content, such as Crypto Exchanges or others, and, in no event, shall we be held responsible or liable for any questions regarding Third Party Services or Content. Users who conduct transactions through the Third Party Services do so at their own risk and we shall not be held responsible or liable for the Third Party Services’ compliance with any regulation. Users who access or use a Third Party Service or Content through MR Wallet are also solely responsible for complying with the terms and policies of these third parties.

Limitation of liability

You release us from all liability related to any losses, damages or claims arising from (i) failures, disruptions, errors, or delays in processing Crypto assets that You may experience while using MR Wallet, (ii) unauthorized access to the MR Wallet and any unauthorized third party activities, including, but not limited to, unauthorized access to information stored within your MR Wallet, including, but not limited to your Wallet Address, Private Key, password and mnemonics, and (iii) the risk of unknown vulnerabilities in or unanticipated changes to the Ethereum Networks.

Personal Data

To use the MR Wallet feature (send, receive tokens) no additional personal information is needed (only Registration information). We will use the personal information You provide to us (i) to enable You the usage of MR Wallet and (ii) to provide You with all relevant information regarding your usage of MR Wallet. Please read the Privacy Policy for any other questions regarding the processing of personal data.
Certain features on MR Wallet rely on third party products and services, for example, Crypto Exchanges. These third parties may collect certain personal data to provide You with such products and services, whereby You are aware and accept that the protection of personal data shared by You with these third parties is their responsibility entirely and MoneyRebel has no obligation and liability there off.

Final provision

For all questions that are not governed by these terms regarding MR Wallet, Terms and conditions apply. In addition, Terms and conditions apply to all questions that deal more closely with topics that are governed by these terms regarding MR Wallet.

Privacy Policy

MR Platform is designed as an effective and comprehensive tool for managing your assets and property for the very reason that it is based on the personal data You provide us. Your personal data constitutes the essence of our Services, and we therefore thoroughly endeavor to provide You with clear and accurate information on all issues related to your personal data. At the same time, we endeavor to ensure that your personal data is stored securely, and we take appropriate safety measures for this purpose.
It is important that You read Privacy Policy (in a different document) before You become our user so that You will be confident when using our Services regarding your personal data. Should You have any questions in this connection, please get in touch with us by e-mailing us at [email protected].

(Version 1.0.; Date 24. 10. 2018)


To so splošni pogoji za uporabo MR Platforme (v nadaljevanju: Splošni pogoji), tj. finančne platforme, ki nudi vse storitve na enem mestu in vključuje tržnico svetovalcev (v nadaljevanju: MR Platforma).
MR Platforma ponuja številne funkcije, ki vam pomagajo pri zagotavljanju preglednosti in urejenosti vaših osebnih financ, s ponujanjem vseh vrst finančnih storitev na enem mestu, tako v zvezi s tradicionalnimi kot kripto financami (v nadaljevanju: storitve).
MR Platforma in storitve so dostopne na naslovu www.moneyrebel.com (v nadaljevanju: spletna stran) in s pomočjo povezanih mobilnih aplikacij (v nadaljevanju: aplikacije).
MR Platforma in storitve so v lasti oz. jih nudi in izvaja družba MoneyRebel, računalniško programiranje, d.o.o., Ameriška ulica 8, 1000 Ljubljana, matična številka 8005672000, davčna številka 55690238 (v nadaljevanju: MoneyRebel).

Osebna izkaznica družbe MoneyRebel

MONEYREBEL, računalniško programiranje, d.o.o.
Ameriška ulica 8
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
TRR: SI56 6100 0001 7244 425 (Delavska Hranilnica d.d., Ljubljana, Slovenija)
Identifikacijska številka za DDV in davčna številka: SI 55690238
Matična številka: 8005672000
Srg vpisa subjekta: 2017/33831, Okrožno sodišče v Ljubljani, Slovenija
Datum vpisa subjekta v register: 31.08.2017

Strinjanje s Splošnimi pogoji uporabe in njihovo sprejemanje

Ti Splošni pogoji predstavljajo pravno zavezujočo pogodbo z vami, v zvezi s spletno stranjo, aplikacijo, MR Platformo in storitvami (v nadaljevanju: pogodba). Pogodba določa vse pogoje, pod katerimi vam družba MoneyRebel zagotavlja spletno stran, aplikacijo ter MR Platformo in storitve in velja za vas, če obiščete spletno stran oz. aplikacijo ali če se registrirate kot uporabnik MR Platforme in storitev (v nadaljevanju: vi oz. uporabnik). Če nameravate postati uporabnik, morate sprejeti te Splošne pogoje v okviru procesa registracije.
Te ponudbe oziroma pogodbe ne smete sprejeti, niti ne smete uporabljati MR Platforme ali katerekoli ponujene storitve, če jih ne smete sprejeti po zakonu in vas ti Splošni pogoji ne smejo zavezovati oziroma, če niste stari vsaj 18 let oziroma sicer polnoletni, da bi lahko v skladu z zakonodajo zadevne jurisdikcije, sklenili zavezujočo pogodbo z družbo MoneyRebel.
MR Platformo in storitve lahko uporabljate samo skladno z zakonodajo svoje jurisdikcije. Prosimo, prepričajte se, da so ti Splošni pogoji skladni z vsemi zakoni, pravili in predpisi, ki veljajo za vas. Z uporabo MR Platforme in storitev zagotavljate in jamčite, da izpolnjujete vse zahteve upravičenosti, določene v teh Splošnih pogojih.


Storitve sestavljajo naslednje funkcije, ki se izvajajo v okviru MR Platforme:
- Portfelj (Portfolio)
- Računi (Accounts )
- MR Denarnica (MR Wallet)
- Komunikacijski center (Communication center)
- Novice (News)

Zgoraj navedenim storitvam na MR Platformi bodo kmalu dodane še naslednje funkcije::
- Svetovalci (Advisors): na MR Platformi bodo v zameno za plačilo na voljo storitve svetovanja različnih izkušenih svetovalcev (finančnih, davčnih, premoženjskih, naložbenih, kripto …).
- Knjižnica (Library): MR Platforma bo vključevala elektronsko prodajalno izbranih e-knjig in videoposnetkov/webinarjev, ki bodo uporabnikom pomagali izboljšati finančno pismenost.

Več informacij o teh storitvah in njihove predstavitve vam bodo predstavljene in na voljo v kratkem času, v teh Splošnih pogojih, zato bodite pozorni njihove morebitne spremembe in dopolnitve.

Opis storitev

Portfelj (Portfolio ) – vsa sredstva na enem mestu

Portfelj (Portfolio ) vam omogoča vnos podatkov o vaših posameznih naložbah (npr. varčevalni račun, bančni račun, posredniški račun za delnice, račun za vzajemne sklade, ločen zavarovalni in pokojninski račun, zasebni kapital, zlato, kripto sredstva). Za posamezno naložbo vnesete podatke o vrsti naložbe in njenem številu oziroma količini ter ceno, po kateri ste naložbo kupili. Podatki o vrednosti posamezne naložbe se bodo nato sproti posodabljali. Podatki o tečajih vrednostnih papirjev so prikazovani po stanju na konec dneva, zagotavlja pa jih tretji ponudnik podatkov - EOD Historical Data. Če podatkov o svojih naložbah ne boste vnesli, boste MR Platformo kljub temu lahko uporabljali, stanje portfelja pa bo enako nič.
Vsako posamezno naložbo lahko uvrstite v tri različne razrede: Investicija (Investment) kot dolgoročna naložba, Nujna pomoč (Emergency) kot naložba za nujne primere in Denarnica (Wallet) kot sredstva za tekočo uporabo. MR Platformo lahko uporabljate tudi z razvrstitvijo naložb samo v en razred, vendar pa bo vaša uporabniška izkušnja bolj popolna v primeru, če boste funkcionalnost uporabljali, kot je zamišljena, zaradi boljšega pregleda nad vašimi naložbami in nadzora nad financami. MR Platforma vam omogoča, da kadarkoli izvedete spremembo namembnosti svoje naložbe ali dodate novo naložbo.
Po vnosu podatkov vam MR Platforma omogoči pregled vseh teh podatkov na strukturiran in pregleden način (grafi, portfelj,...) in se tekoče osvežuje vsakokrat, ko odprete MR Platformo.

Računi (Accounts)
Storitev Računi (Accounts ) omogoča uporabniku povezavo na njegove bančne račune, hkrati pa prikazuje tudi vse ostale dobavitelje (Vendors), pri katerih ima kakšne naložbe (»Povezani računi - Linked accounts«). Povezava z izbranim bančnim računom uporabniku omogoča vpogled v stanje (po sistemu »screen scraping«) na posameznih bančnih računih iz prednastavljenega seznama bank (»Informacije o Računih« oziroma »Account Information«). Trenutno v Sloveniji takšne podatke zagotavljajo naslednje banke: NLB d.d., Nova KBM d.d., A banka d.d. in Banka Intesa Sanpaolo d.d., pa tudi N26. Pomembno je vedeti, da uporabnik do izbranega bančnega računa dostopa pod enakimi pogoji kot dostopa neposredno do svoje banke (z uporabo enakega gesla in uporabniškega imena). Osvežitev podatkov trenutno zaradi zahtev bank ni samodejna, temveč mora uporabnik za osvežitev podatkov o bančnem računu na MR Platformi ponovno opraviti postopek dostopa do svoje banke.

MR Denarnica
Uporabnik ima na voljo MR Denarnico, v kateri ima lahko shranjene svoje MRP žetone ter druge žetone oziroma kovance in kripto valute (»Crypto assets«). Dodatno je omogočeno trgovanje s kripto valutami s povezavo na že odprte račune v izbrani kripto menjalnici, ki podpira ERC20 tehnologijo.
Ker želimo, da je dostop do kripto valut za vse uporabnike čim bolj preprost, smo uporabnikom naše MR Platforme, zlasti tistim, ki se prvič srečujejo s kripto valutami, dostop olajšali tako, da smo v MR Platformo integrirali polno delujočo denarnico Ethereum (»MR Denarnica«), v kateri lahko shranjujete tudi svoje MRP žetone.
Povezava s programskim vmesnikom API poleg tega uporabnikom omogoča, da svoje obstoječe račune kripto valut povežejo z MR Platformo in tako oddajo naročila za prenos (pošiljanje ali sprejem) kripto valut neposredno z MR Platforme tudi nekaterim zunanjim menjalnicam. MR Platforma je trenutno povezana z menjalnicami Bitstamp, Kraken in Livecoin. MoneyRebel si pridržuje pravico kadarkoli spremeniti seznam povezanih kripto menjalnic. Morebitna sprememba seznama povezanih kripto menjalnic bo objavljena v teh Splošnih pogojih, katerih vsebino pazljivo spremljajte.

Komunikacijski center (Communication center)
Komunikacijski center imate na voljo, da lahko komunicirate s podporo MR Platforme.

Novice (News )
Z namenom, da vam ne bi bilo potrebno iskati finančnih informacij na spletu ali prek drugih specializiranih aplikacij, jih lahko zbrane dobite na enem mestu na MR Platformi. MR Platforma sproti pridobiva finančne novice iz različnih virov, kot so Bloomberg, Yahoo!, Finance in drugi. Uporabniki lahko 24 ur na dan spremljate delniške tečaje, zadnje novice, vire o upravljanju portfelja, podatke o mednarodnih trgih, socialne interakcije in še marsikaj drugega.

Podatki za registracijo in podatki za preverjanje strank (podatki KYC)

Če želite uporabljati MR Platformo in storitve, morate pri družbi MoneyRebel registrirati uporabniški račun (»MR Račun«). Za odprtje uporabniškega računa morate vnesti naslednje podatke: ime, priimek elektronski naslov in državo bivanja. Prav tako si morate ustvariti svoje geslo in štirimestno PIN številko za dostop do uporabniškega računa. Strinjate se in razumete, da ste dolžni ohranjati zaupnost vaših vpisnih podatkov, gesel in številke PIN, ki vam, skupaj z vašim elektronskim naslovom, omogočajo dostop do MR Platforme. Navedeni podatki (ime, priimek, elektronski naslov, država bivanja, geslo in PIN številka) skupaj tvorijo vaše »podatke za registracijo« (»Registration Information«). Pred odprtjem uporabniškega računa morate podati strinjanje s temi Splošnimi pogoji.
Brezplačne funkcionalnosti MR Platforme lahko uporabljate na podlagi odprtega uporabniškega računa.
Če odkrijete kakršnokoli nepooblaščeno uporabo podatkov o registraciji, se strinjate, da boste o tem nemudoma obvestili družbo MoneyRebel na naslednji elektronski naslov: [email protected]. Če menite, da ste izgubili svoje podatke o registraciji ali napravo, ki jo uporabljate za dostop do MR Platforme, ali da kdo brez vašega dovoljenja uporablja vaš račun, nas morate takoj obvestiti z elektronskim sporočilom na [email protected], da lahko poskusimo minimizirati vašo možno izgubo.

Domača stran (Home)

Na začetni strani MR Platforme se odpre nadzorna plošča, na kateri se prikaže: trenutno stanje portfelja, v kolikor ga je uporabnik vnesel v MR Platformo, vrednosti izbranih vrednostnih papirjev in fiat ter kripto valut (top 3), izbrane aktualne novice ter zadnja prejeta sporočila svetovalca, v kolikor ga je uporabnik izbral in z njim komuniciral. S klikom na vsako od teh kategorij uporabnik dostopa do podrobnosti posamezne funkcionalnosti.

Nastavitve (Settings)

Uporabnik lahko v nastavitvah ureja svoje podatke in drugo vsebino:
Osebni podatki (Personal Information):
Osebni podatki (Personal information): ime, priimek, elektronski naslov, možnost zamenjave mobilne številke.
Država (Country).
Domača valuta (Native currency): uporabnik lahko izbere valuto, ki jo želi uporabiti za prikazovanje vrednosti portfelja.
Spremeni jezik (Change language): uporabnik lahko izbira med angleško in slovensko verzijo aplikacije.

Portfelj (Portfolio):
Povezani računi (Linked accounts): uporabnik lahko nastavi in spremeni povezane račune (bančne, kripto in druge).
Strategije (Strategies): uporabnik lahko izpolni vprašalnik o naložbeni strategiji, ki pokaže uporabnikov odnos do naložbenega tveganja. Uporabnik ima pregled nad vsemi izpolnjenimi in shranjenimi naložbenimi strategijami.
Osebni finančni register (Personal finance register): na voljo uporabniku, da si v njem shranjuje dokumentacijo, ki jo želi imeti na sami platformi.

Varnost (Security):
Spremenite PIN (Change PIN): uporabnik lahko zamenja številko PIN.
Spremenite geslo (Change password): uporabnik lahko zamenja geslo za vstop v uporabniški račun.
Prstni odtis (Fingerprint): uporabnik lahko izbira med številko PIN in prstnim odtisom za dostop do MR Platforme.

Druge nastavitve (Other Settings):
- Hitri dostop (Quick access): uporabnik lahko spremeni hitre dostope na nadzorni plošči.
- Vidno na nadzorni plošči (Dashboard Widgets): uporabnik lahko spremeni vrstni red pregleda na nadzorni plošči (Sporočila, Novice, Seznam).
- O aplikaciji (About app): informacije o zadnji različici aplikacije.
- Splošni pogoji (Terms & Conditions): zadnja različica Splošnih pogojev.
- Pravilnik o zasebnosti (Privacy Policy): zadnja različica Pravilnika o zasebnosti.
- Podpora (Support): omogoča uporabniku pošiljanje sporočil ekipi MoneyRebel in povezava do pogostih vprašanj in odgovorov (FAQ).
- MR Denarnica: dostop do MR Denarnice (ustvari in/ali obnovi MR Denarnico).
- Ponastavite namige (Reset tooltips): uporabnik ima možnost ponovno pogledati in prebrati napotke za uporabo.
- Odstranite MR Denarnico (Remove MR Wallet ): če ste pozabili svoje geslo (password) za MR Denarnico, a še vedno poznate mnemonične podatke, lahko s pomočjo te funkcije ponovno izbrišete MR Denarnico in jo ponovno vzpostavite z novim geslom (mnemonične podatke za obnovitev enake denarnice morate poznati, sicer postopek ni mogoč).
- Odjava (Log out).

Podatki o računih, pridobljenih od tretjih oseb

Z dostopanjem do MR Platforme in storitev potrjujete in se strinjate, da lahko dostopamo in pridobivamo podatke o računih pri tretjih osebah. Družba MoneyRebel za dostopanje do podatkov o računih sodeluje z družbo SaltEdge Inc. Za namen te pogodbe in za zagotavljanje podatkov o računih v okviru storitev, nas pooblaščate in nam dajete navodilo, da dostopamo do strani tretjih oseb in elektronsko prenašamo vaše podatke o računih, ki jih hranijo tretje finančne institucije, s katerimi ste v pravno zavezujočem odnosu kot potrošnik. Poleg tega izrecno pooblaščate takšne tretje osebe, da nam razkrijejo vaše podatke.
Splošna integriteta in kakovost podatkov, ki vam jih prikazuje družba MoneyRebel, sta pomembna elementa pri zagotavljanju visokokakovostnega in točnega prikaza vaših osebnih financ. Kljub temu družba MoneyRebel ni odgovorna in ne more jamčiti za točnost in pravočasnost podatkov o računih, ki jih v vašem imenu pridobivamo od tretjih ponudnikov tehnologij (tj. SaltEdge Inc.) ali od tretjih finančnih institucij, kjer imate svoje račune. Družba MoneyRebel ne preverja točnosti podatkov o računih, njihove zakonitosti ali nekršitev. Družba MoneyRebel ni odgovorna za podatke o računih ali produkte in storitve, ki jih ponujajo oz. so na voljo na spletnih straneh tretjih oseb in ni pravno ali odškodninsko odgovorna za skladnost spletnih strani tretjih oseb s katerimkoli predpisom.
Družba MoneyRebel ne more napovedati ali pričakovati tehničnih ali drugih težav, zaradi katerih morda ni mogoče pridobiti podatkov ali ki lahko privedejo do izgube podatkov in osebnih nastavitev ali ki lahko privedejo do drugih motenj v delovanju storitev. Npr., ob prikazovanju v okviru storitev so podatki sveži samo v času prikaza, kar odraža stanje podatkov v času njihove pridobitve s takšnih spletnih strani. Če dostopate neposredno do zadevnih spletnih strani, so lahko na njih objavljene tudi novejše informacije.

Produkti in storitve tretjih oseb

MR Platforma vsebuje tudi spletne povezave do produktov in storitev tretjih oseb. Uporabo produktov ali storitev tretjih oseb urejajo splošni pogoji uporabe zadevnega ponudnika. Vsebina in delovanje produktov in storitev tretjih oseb sta zunaj našega nadzora, zato ne moremo prevzeti odgovornosti za produkte in storitve, ki vam jih nudijo te tretje osebe.

Npr. če se uporabnik z MR Platforme poveže z že odprtim računom pri izbrani kripto menjalnici, nato dela v okolju izbrane kripto menjalnice, ki je zunaj našega nadzora, ob upoštevanju njenih splošnih pogojev in njenega pravilnika o zasebnosti.

Tretji ponudniki podatkov

MR Platforma zagotavlja podatke, pridobljene s tretjih spletnih strani, ki se prikazujejo ali poročajo na nadzorni plošči ali v okviru katerekoli naše storitve, kot so npr. informacije o vrednosti naložbe, ki se prikazujejo v storitvah MR Portfelj ali Novice.

Splošna integriteta in kakovost podatkov, ki vam jih prikazuje družba MoneyRebel, sta pomemben element za zagotavljanje visokokakovostnega in točnega stanja vaših osebnih financ. Vendar družba MoneyRebel ni odgovorna in ne more jamčiti za točnost ali pravočasnost podatkov, ki jih pridobivamo od tretjih ponudnikov raziskav/tržnih podatkov in novic, ki se uporabljajo pri zagotavljanju storitev.

Stroški storitev (kmalu)

Uporaba MR Platforme in povezanih storitev je brezplačna.

Vaša uporaba storitev

Vaša pravica do dostopa in uporabe MR Platforme in povezanih storitev se nanaša na vas in je ne morete prenesti na katerokoli fizično ali pravno osebo. Strinjate se, da nam boste posredovali informacije (vključno s podatki o registraciji), ki so resnični, točni in popolni, ter se strinjate, da ne boste uporabili lažne identitete ali informacij o uporabniku. Zagotavljate, da ste zakoniti lastnik in da ste pooblaščeni za posredovanje vseh podatkov o registraciji ter drugih potrebnih informacij, ki so potrebni, da vam omogočimo uporabo storitev. S posredovanjem informacij, podatkov, gesel, uporabniških imen, številk PIN, drugih podatkov za vpis, gradiv in vsebine družbi MoneyRebel v okviru storitev, se strinjate, da lahko družba MoneyRebel takšne informacije in vsebino shrani in uporabi za zagotavljanje storitev.

Do storitev lahko dostopate in jih uporabljate samo za zakonite namene. Strinjate se, da z uporabo MR Platforme in povezanih storitev ne boste kršili nobenih zakonov. MR Platforme in povezanih storitev ne smete uporabljati za objavo ali prenos česarkoli, kar je nezakonito ali krši pravice drugih, niti ne boste posredovali datotek ali elektronskih sporočil, ki vsebujejo viruse, črve, trojanske konje ali druge škodljive ali uničujoče elemente. Nadaljnja prodaja in uporaba MR Platforme in povezanih storitev v komercialne namene nista dovoljeni. Če kršite to obveznost, si pridržujemo pravico, da kadarkoli prekinemo vašo uporabo MR Platforme in storitev.

Omejitev zagotovil in jamstev

MR Platforma in vse storitve in funkcije, ki so povezane s storitvami ali pa se zagotavljajo v okviru storitve, so vam na voljo takšne, kot so in kot so razpoložljive. Ne dajemo nobenih zagotovil ali jamstev, izrecnih ali implicitnih, v zvezi z vsebino ali delovanjem MR Platforme in storitev. Niti ne dajemo nobenih zagotovil, jamstev ali garancij, izrecnih ali implicitnih, v zvezi s točnostjo, zanesljivostjo ali popolnostjo vsebine MR Platforme in storitev, ter izrecno odklanjamo vsa jamstva v zvezi z nekršitvijo ali ustreznostjo za določen namen. Ne dajemo nobenih zagotovil, jamstev ali garancij, da je vsebina, ki je na voljo na MR Platformi ali v storitvah prosta vseh virusov, drugih kod ali programskih postopkov, ki vsebujejo neželene ali uničujoče elemente, katerih namen je poškodovati, nedovoljeno prestreči ali odtujiti katerikoli sistem, podatke ali osebne podatke.

Vaš dostop in uporaba spletne strani, aplikacije, MR Platforme in storitev se lahko občasno prekinejo zaradi številnih razlogov, ki med drugim vključujejo nezmožnost dostopa do spleta ali okvaro telekomunikacijskega omrežja, okvaro oz. odpoved strojne ali programske opreme, nedelovanje opreme, periodično posodabljanje, vzdrževanje ali popravilo spletne strani, aplikacije, MR Platforme in storitev ali druga dejanja, ki jih lahko po lastni presoji izvaja družba MoneyRebel. V nobenem primeru družba MoneyRebel ne bo nobenemu odgovorna za nobeno izgubo, stroške ali škodo, ki je posledica predvidenega ali nepredvidenega obdobja nedelovanja.

Družba MoneyRebel ne zmore predvideti ali napovedati tehničnih ali drugih težav, ki lahko privedejo do nezmožnosti pridobivanja podatkov, osebnih nastavitev ali drugih motenj v delovanju storitev. Družba MoneyRebel ne prevzema nobene odgovornosti za pravočasnost, točnost, izbris, nezmožnost prenosa ali neuspešno hrambo katerihkoli podatkov uporabnikov, izgubo podatkov uporabnikov, komunikacijskih ali osebnih nastavitev.

Družba MoneyRebel ne more jamčiti za popolno varnost spletne strani, aplikacije, MR Platforme in storitev, vendar bo v zvezi s tem sprejela razumne ukrepe. Strinjate se, da za vse prenose vsebine ali gradiv v zvezi s spletno stranjo, aplikacijo, MR Platformo in storitvami, opravljate na lastno odgovornost in da ste sami odgovorni za vsako škodo na vašem računalniku/sistemu oz. za izgubo podatkov, ki bi bila posledica prenosa ali dostopanja do kakršnihkoli takšnih gradiv.

Družba MoneyRebel ne more jamčiti, da bo kakovost katerihkoli produktov, storitev, informacij ali drugih gradiv, ki jih uporabnik kupi na spletni strani, v aplikaciji, v okviru MR Platforme in storitev, izpolnila vaša pričakovanja. Družba MoneyRebel ne bo odgovorna za odločitve o naložbah ali druge finančne odločitve, niti za škodo ali druge izgube, ki so posledica uporabe MR Platforme in storitev.

Omejitev odgovornosti

V obsegu, kot je dovoljen z zakonom, nismo odškodninsko ali kako drugače odgovorni vam ali katerikoli tretji osebi, ne glede na pravno podlago, bodisi pogodbo, jamstvo, nastalo škodo ali nedopustno ravnanje, za izgubo dobička, poslovanja, prihodkov ali poslov, pričakovanih prihrankov, podatkov, ugleda ali za posebno, posredno ali posledično škodo, ki v celoti ali delno izvira iz vašega dostopanja do MR Platforme in storitev, vaše uporabe MR Platforme in storitev ali iz te pogodbe, četudi smo bili obveščeni o možnosti takšne škode. Brez poseganja v vse nasprotne določbe v tej pogodbi, je naša odškodninska odgovornost do vas, iz kateregakoli razloga in ne glede na obliko oziroma temelj tožbe, vedno omejena na 100,00 EUR.

Intelektualna lastnina

Družba MoneyRebel je lastnik MR Platforme, spletne stani in aplikacije. Če ni izrecno drugače navedeno ali očitno (npr. Novice, Knjižnica, ipd.), so vsebina MR Platforme, spletne strani in aplikacije, vključno videzom in občutkom (»look and feel«) (npr. besedilo, grafika, slike, logotip in ikone za gumbe), fotografije, uredniška vsebina, obvestila, programska oprema in druga gradiva zaščiteni s pravicami intelektualne lastnine, ki pripadajo družbi MoneyRebel. Dodeljujemo vam pravico za ogledovanje in uporabo MR Platforme, spletne strani in aplikacije v skladu s temi Splošnimi pogoji, in sicer samo za osebno, nekomercialno uporabo. Vsako posredovanje ali reprodukcija kakršnekoli vsebine z MR Platforme ali kakršnakoli uporaba spletne strani in aplikacije za kakršenkoli namen, ki ni skladna s tem členom, je izrecno prepovedana brez predhodnega pisnega soglasja družbe MoneyRebel.


Nekateri deli storitev so lahko podprti s povezavami oglaševalcev, ki so vam ustrezno prilagojene na podlagi informacij, ki jih hranimo v okviru storitev, in na podlagi poizvedb/iskanj, ki jih opravljate v okviru storitev, oziroma na podlagi drugih informacij. Družba MoneyRebel ne zagovarja, promovira in ne daje jamstev za produkte in storitve, ki so na voljo na teh povezavah. Družba MoneyRebel tudi ni odgovorna za dejavnosti ali politike takšnih spletnih strani. Če se odločite za uporabo ali nakup storitev tretjih oseb, za vas veljajo njihovi splošni pogoji in pravilniki o zasebnosti.


Vsa potrebna obvestila se pošiljajo elektronsko na elektronski naslov, ki ste ga navedli. Obveščali vas bomo v primeru bistvenih sprememb storitev in teh Splošnih pogojev. Dolžni ste nam posredovati pravi, točen in popoln elektronski naslov ter nas takoj obvestiti vse o vseh spremembah teh podatkov.

Prenehanje pogodbe

Pogodba velja, dokler je mi ali vi ne odpovemo, oziroma kot je določeno v nadaljevanju. Če želite odpovedati pogodbo z nami, to storite tako, da zaprete svoj račun, mi pa bomo po tem hranili samo tiste podatke, ki jih moramo hraniti po zakonu.

Pridržujemo si pravico, da svojo pogodbo z vami odpovemo (s pošiljanjem obvestila o takšni odpovedi po elektronski pošti in z zaprtjem vašega računa): (i) če ste kršili katerokoli določbo te pogodbe ali pa je iz vašega ravnanja očitno, da to nameravate; (ii) če moramo to storiti po zakonu ali navodilu pristojnega organa; ali (v) iz kateregakoli drugega utemeljenega razloga po svoji lastni presoji. Odpoved pogodbe ne bo vplivala na nobeno vašo pravico ali obveznost, ki je nastala po tej pogodbi pred njeno odpovedjo.


Pogodbo lahko občasno spremenimo s spremembo teh Splošnih pogojev. Vse spremembe teh Splošnih pogojev bodo objavljene na tej spletni strani. Šteje se, da z nadaljnjo uporabo spletne strani, aplikacije, MR Platforme ali storitev po objavi takšnih sprememb sprejemate in se strinjate z vsemi spremembami teh Splošnih pogojev.

Družba MoneyRebel si pridržuje pravico, da kadarkoli spremeni ali začasno ali stalno preneha zagotavljati delovanje spletne strani, aplikacije, MR Platforme ali katerokoli storitve. Vaša uporaba spletne strani, aplikacije, MR Platforme in storitev po spremembah predstavlja vaše strinjanje s takšnimi spremembami. Strinjate se, da družba MoneyRebel zaradi kakršnihkoli takšnih sprememb ni odškodninsko odgovorna vam ali katerikoli tretji osebi.

Veljavna zakonodaja in reševanje sporov

Ne glede na kolizijska pravila velja za to pogodbo in vaše razmerje z nami slovenska zakonodaja, razen če ni drugače obvezno v skladu z veljavno zakonodajo. Vse spore, ki izhajajo iz te pogodbe ali v zvezi z njo in ki jih ni mogoče rešiti sporazumno, bodo reševala izključno slovenska sodišča, če v skladu z zavezujočo zakonodajo niso izključno pristojna sodišča katerikoli druge jurisdikcije.


V primeru kakršnihkoli vprašanj v zvezi s temi Splošnimi pogoji, MR Platformo in povezanimi storitvami, nas kontaktirajte po elektronski pošti na elektronski naslov: [email protected].

Ko uporabljate storitev MR Denarnica

Če nameravate v okviru MR Platforme uporabljati storitev MR Denarnica, za vas veljajo naslednji splošni pogoji, ki urejajo pravice in obveznosti med vami in družbo MoneyRebel pri uporabi storitve MR Denarnica. Storitev MR Denarnica v okviru MR Platforme nudi družba MRCrypto OU¨, registrska številka 14534455, naslov Punane tn 68-170, Tallinn, 13619, Estonia.

Storitev MR Denarnica

Družba MoneyRebel upravlja s programsko opremo na lastnih strežnikih, ki uporabnikom omogoča prejemanje, dostop do, hrambo in pošiljanje kripto sredstev z uporabo storitev tehnologije veriženja blokov na podlagi valute Ethereum (v nadaljevanju: storitev MR Denarnica).

Kripto sredstva pomenijo takšna sredstva, ki se lahko prenašajo samo s pomočjo tehnologije veriženja blokov, kar med drugim vključuje digitalne kovance in digitalne žetone ter vse druge vrste digitalnih medijev za menjavo (v nadaljevanju: kripto sredstva).

Storitev MR Denarnica (i) ustvari naslov denarnice (naslov MR Denarnica oz. MR Wallet Address) in šifrirane zasebne ključe (v nadaljevanju: zasebni ključ), ki ga lahko uporabite za prejemanje, dostopanje do in pošiljanje kripto sredstev; (ii) omogoča povezovanje z vašim aktivnim računom, odprtim pri izbrani kripto menjalnici; in (iii) omogoča pošiljanje podatkov o poslih s kripto sredstvi izbrani kripto menjalnici.

Registracija MR Denarnice

MR Denarnico ustvari uporabnik s klikom na ikono MR Denarnica, nato pa ga postopek samodejno vodi po korakih. Najprej mora uporabnik za svojo MR Denarnico ustvariti geslo (neodvisno od tistega, s katerim dostopa do MR Platforme). Ko uporabnik geslo potrdi, mu sistem ponudi ustvarjene ključne besede (t.i. mnemonične besede), ki si jih mora uporabnik v zapisanem zaporedju prepisati na papir in shraniti. Samo z njihovo uporabo in geslom, ki skupaj tvorita zasebni ključ, lahko uporabnik kasneje obnovi svojo MR Denarnico. V naslednjem koraku sistem od uporabnika zahteva, da v pravilnem vrstnem redu klikne ključne besede, na podlagi česar se samodejno ustvari denarnica MR Denarnica.

Varnost MR Denarnice

Zasebni ključ je povezan z naslovom denarnice, skupaj pa ju lahko uporabite za odobritev prenosa kripto sredstev iz ali do vašega naslova denarnice. Sami ste izključno odgovorni za ohranjanje varnosti svojega naslova denarnice in zasebnega ključa ter gesla in mnemoničnih podatkov, povezanih z vašo MR Denarnico. Dolžni ste poskrbeti za varnost svojega naslova denarnice, zasebnega ključa, gesla in mnemoničnih podatkov za dostop . Če tega ne storite, lahko izgubite nadzor nad kripto sredstvi, povezanimi z vašo MR Denarnico, ker MR Denarnica ne prejme, niti ne hrani vašega zasebnega ključa, gesla, mnemoničnih podatkov, povezanih z vašo MR Denarnico.

Transakcije s kripto sredstvi

Družba MoneyRebel ne izvaja prenosa kripto sredstev. Vsak prenos kateregakoli kripto sredstva poteka s pomočjo tehnologije veriženja blokov na podlagi valute Ethereum. Zato ne moramo vplivati na prenos lastništva ali katerekoli pravice na kripto sredstvih.

Vse predlagane prenose kripto sredstev mora za uspešen zaključek potrditi in obdelati zadevna kripto menjalnica (angleško Crypto Exchange). Povezane kripto menjalnice podpirajo neodvisne tretje osebe, ki niso v naši lasti, pod našim nadzorom, niti jih ne upravljamo. Nimamo nobenega nadzora nad kripto menjalnicami in omrežji Ethereum kot takimi in zato ne moremo zagotoviti, da bodo podrobnosti o prenosu, ki jih posredujete prek MR Denarnice, potrjene in obdelane.

Z uporabo MR Denarnice potrjujete in se strinjate, da ste sami v celoti odgovorni za pravilnost podrobnosti o prenosu in za to, da so podrobnosti o prenosu, ki jih posredujete, lahko netočne ali nepravilne, kar lahko privede do zamud ali neuspešnega prenosa zaradi okoliščin izven našega nadzora. Sami zagotavljate in jamčite, da so vse informacije, ki jih posredujete s pomočjo MR Denarnice, točne in popolne ter potrjujete, da mi nismo odgovorni za nobene napake ali nepopolne podatke v zvezi s prenosom kripto sredstev, izvedenim z uporabo MR Denarnice.

Vrste prenosov

V MR Denarnici imate na voljo naslednje prenose kripto sredstev:
Prejem žetonov (Receive tokens): prenos kripto sredstev v vašo MR Denarnico z računa pri tretjih ponudnikih računov.
Pošiljanje žetonov (Send tokens): prenos kripto sredstev iz vaše MR Denarnice do denarnic oz. računov pri tretjih ponudnikih.


Ob prenosu kripto sredstev iz MR Denarnice v drugo denarnico se samodejno zaračuna strošek prenosa (network fee), ki vključuje »gas price« in »gas limit«. Strošek prenosa (network fee) se zaračuna v valuti Ethertium (ETH). Brez ustreznega zneska ETH v svoji denarnici, uporabnik ne more prenesti sredstev iz MR Denarnice v drugo denarnico.


Sami ste dolžni ugotoviti ali so transakcije, ki ste jih izvedli z uporabo MR Denarnice, predmet obdavčitve in sami ste dolžni prijaviti in odvesti ustrezen davek primernemu davčnemu organu ter se strinjate in potrjujete, da družba MoneyRebel v zvezi s tem nima nobenih obveznosti.

Storitve tretjih oseb

Družba MoneyRebel nima nadzora nad storitvami tretjih oseb, kot so kripto menjalnice ali drugi, in ne bo v nobenem primeru odgovorna za kakršnakoli vprašanja v zvezi s storitvami ali z vsebino tretjih oseb. Uporabniki, ki opravljajo transakcije prek storitev tretjih oseb to počnejo na lastno odgovornost, zato družba MoneyRebel ne bo odgovorna za skladnost storitev tretjih oseb s katerimkoli predpisom. Uporabniki, ki dostopajo do storitev ali vsebine tretjih oseb prek MR Denarnice so izključno odgovorni za skladnost s predpisi in politikami teh tretjih oseb.

Omejitev odgovornosti

Za kakršnokoli izgubo, škodo ali zahtevke, ki so posledica (i) nedelovanja, motenja, napak ali zamud pri obdelavi kripto sredstev, ki jih izkusite med uporabo MR Denarnice; (ii) nepooblaščenega dostopa do MR Denarnice in kakršnihkoli nepooblaščenih dejavnosti tretjih oseb, ki med drugim vključujejo nepooblaščen dostop do informacij, ki jih hranite v svoji MR Denarnici, med drugim naslov denarnice, zasebni ključ, geslo in mnemonične podatke ter (iii) tveganje neznanih ranljivosti ali nepričakovanih sprememb v omrežjih Ethereum, podjetje MoneyRebel ni odškodninsko ali drugače odgovorno.

Osebni podatki

Določene funkcije MR Deanrnice uporabljajo izdelke in storitve tretjih oseb, npr. kripto menjalnic. Te tretje osebe lahko zbirajo določene osebne podatke, da vam takšne izdelke in storitve lahko zagotavljajo, pri čemer ste seznanjeni in sprejemate, da je za varstvo osebnih podatkov, ki jih delite s temi tretjimi osebami, odgovorna takšna tretja oseba in družba MoneyRebel nima nobenih obveznosti in ne nosi nobene odgovornosti v zvezi s tem.

Končna določba

Za vsa vprašanja, ki jih ne urejajo ti pogoji uporabe MR Denarnice, veljajo Splošni pogoji. Poleg tega Splošni pogoji veljajo tudi za vsa vprašanja, ki pobliže obravnavajo teme, ki jih urejajo ti pogoji v zvezi z MR Denarnico.

Pravilnik o zasebnosti

MR Platforma je zasnovana kot učinkovito in obsežno orodje za upravljanje vaših sredstev in premoženja že zato, ker temelji na osebnih podatkih, ki nam jih posredujete. Vaši osebni podatki so bistveni za zagotavljanje naših storitev in zato se bomo temeljito potrudili, da vam podamo jasne in točne podatke o vseh vprašanjih, povezanih z vašimi osebnimi podatki. Hkrati se bomo potrudili zagotoviti varno hrambo vaših osebnih podatkov in bomo v zvezi s tem sprejeli tudi primerne varnostne ukrepe.

Preden postanete naš uporabnik, morate prebrati ta Pravilnik o zasebnosti, tako da boste lahko zaupali v naše varstvo vaših osebnih podatkov, ko uporabljate naše storitve. V primeru kakršnihkoli vprašanj v zvezi s tem, nam pošljite elektronsko sporočilo na elektronski naslov: [email protected].

(Verzija 1.0.; Datum 24. 10. 2018)

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